Called To Orthodoxy

A former Pentecostal minister and Independent Old Catholic Priest’s conversion story to the Orthodox faith. by Sherie Mercier Where do I begin? I was born and raised in St. Joseph, Michigan, on the shores of SW Lake Michigan – across the lake from Chicago, 61 years ago. My parents were not very religious, in fact, […]

“Are We Going To Convert?” – My Journey To The True Church

by Isaac Bicko Before I delve too deep into my journey to the Church, I would like to reflect a little bit on my childhood with an anecdote… One of my earliest memories is one of when my neighbor (also my best friend at the time) and I were playing in my backyard on a […]

The Pastor’s Path to Orthodoxy: Did I Join A Cult?

This post in our series of spouses who become Orthodox without their spouses is for husbands, and interestingly, also for heterodox clergy. This article is from a former Assembly of God pastor who found his way to the Early Church, and behold – discovered that it is Orthodox Christianity. Thank you, Patrick, for allowing us to publish […]

Couple Converts to Orthodoxy, Five Years Later Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

by Todd McMahon This was too good not to publish – The congregation from Green Bay’s St. Matthew Orthodox Church celebrated the 70th wedding anniversary for church members Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud. When he leads the Sunday morning liturgy, Father Maximus Cabey needs only to gaze out to his congregation to find inspiration in the […]

My Journey Home… To Orthodoxy

by Charlene Haapala It is difficult to describe the changes that have occurred in my life in the past year. It literally feels as if it has been three years. That may be due to the fact that as a whole, I have slowed down. A few life changes have occurred in the last year […]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part Four

Studying for the Ministry by Fr. John Whiteford I came to SNU with the convictions and zeal of a new convert, because I had reconverted, and the experience was so deep and powerful, that while I had many things I did not know, there were a few things that I no longer doubted. I no […]

An Un-Orthodox Route

By Adlen Robinson The Journey of Fr. Barnabas Powell. This was published today by Forsythe News. Some people sense a calling early in life but make other stops along the way before answering it. Such is the case with Father Barnabas Powell, the new pastor of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Greek Orthodox Church. Raised […]

The God Of Our Fathers

I wanted to tell everyone I “found” the Orthodox Church like it was a million dollars! My return to the Orthodox Church was only a beginning of a journey, but at least now I knew the path. I compare it to living on a patch of dirt your whole life and never knowing that right underneath this dirt there is a well with hidden treasures of indescribable beauty.

The Fire Fails

by Fr. Barnabas Powell In this, the fourth of a series of articles on Pentecostalism and his journey to the Orthodox faith, Fr. Barnabas sets the stage for his own spiritual odyssey. THE FIRE FAILS As I have said previously, I am convinced the modern Pentecostal movement offers the Christian Church a wonderful opportunity to […]

The Fire Falls

by Fr. Barnabas Powell In this, the third  in a series of four articles on Pentecostalism and his journey to the Orthodox faith, Fr. Barnabas sets the stage for his own spiritual odyssey. THE FIRE FALLS As I scanned my previous historical overview, I noticed huge gaps in the narrative, but to fill in all […]