My Journey to Orthodoxy

by Paul Smith Allow me to begin this with a simple disclaimer. I do not presume to know the judgement that God holds in his own mercy, and his own providence so do not view this in that light. I do know that I have found the New Testament Church and want to share THIS one place where I know the "words that contain Life" are presented. Salvation is a common theme in church circles, many have their concentration on it and many think their way to understand it is correct. Over the years I have progressed through many churches, belief structures all under the name of Christianity. I was consistently searching for the "New Testament Church" and … [Read more...]

Loosing the Grave Clothes of Lazarus

by Paul Smith This was sent to me by my friend Paul Smith. He has preached before (before his days in Orthodoxy), and still has grand insight into homiletics and the Church. Thanks Paul for allowing me to republish it! Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. He didn't take off the binding grave clothes he told those followers around to loose him and let him go. When someone comes to the Church they are dead in trespasses and sins. Jesus raises them from the burial of baptism to walk in new life. Everyone comes to the Church bound in the grave clothes of their past dead life. It therefore, stands to reason it is the people around them to … [Read more...]