Orthodox Bishop Installs Cross for Peace at the North Pole

north pole cross

This comes to us from Interfax. Members of the Association of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of Russia, polar researchers, statesmen, public figures and businessmen arrived at the North Pole on Sunday. The group also included Bishop Iakov of Naryan-Mar and Mezensk, and Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for Church […]

Why I’m Becoming Orthodox: Part 1 of 3

Matt Ferdelman

Part 1 — Scripture and Tradition by Matt Ferdelman Matt Ferdelman is a catechumen at St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church in Dayton, Ohio. Matt was born into the Pentecostal church where he attended for the first 17 years of his life. In 2008 he began the process of becoming a five-point Calvinist at Apex […]

Hong Kong Student Ordained a Deacon

Fr Anatoly

December 5, 2014. Metropolitan Ignatius of Khabarovsk and Outer Manchuria ordained Anatoly Kun (Kun Cheun Min), a part time student of the Khabarovsk Theological Seminary, as a deacon during the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral on December 5, 2014. The Information Department of the Khabarovsk Diocese has reported that Deacon Anatoly Kun was […]

From Baptist To Orthodox: An Interview With Gabe Martini

martini interview

This interview was conducted between two friends—one formerly a Southern Baptist, the other—the interviewer—currently a member of that denomination. Brian Davidson and Gabe Martini both studied at the same Baptist seminary, where the interviewer now works as a Ph.D. candidate. Martini is now an Orthodox Christian, with his own blog on the Orthodox faith. —Gabe, […]

The Great Miracle Given by God Only to the Orthodox Church


The Ceremony of the Holy Light in Jerusalem: This ceremony takes place in the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem in such a way that bewilders the soul of the Christians. On Easter Saturday, at noon, the Orthodox Patriarch, or any other Orthodox Archbishop, enters the Holy Sepulchre, recites special prayers and remains waiting. […]

4 Things That Are Not Reasons I Became an Orthodox Christian

grumpy cat no

by Ryan Adams There is perhaps nothing which is more painful, and obnoxious, than someone believing that they understand why you believe something that you do.  For anyone who believes anything, this is an understandable problem.  If you believe in God (or god, or spirits, or even just an afterlife) you’re used to the annoying […]

Why Would a Protestant Convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity?

deep in prayer

And this is where it began to get real.

Moving Beyond the Waiting Room: Part Two

waiting room

by Sean Whitted My world was literally being shaken, in a good and bad way. The bad was that I started think about what it meant for me, what my wife would think, my parents, and those close to me. Those who know me well have seen me all over the map on a number of […]

Moving Beyond the Waiting Room: Part One

Amber & Sean

I have never experienced such reverence and awe for God as I did today.

Yet Another Lutheran Pastor Journeys Into The Orthodox Church

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by Joshua Genig I recall being deeply moved by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus’ recounting of his journey from Lutheranism into the Roman Catholic Church (“How I Became the Catholic I Was”). It is a move that not a few have made, with denominational provenance spanning most every Protestant confession. Though I journeyed in a different […]