Thursday, April 21st, 2016: Guest, Kevin Allen

“You’re On with Fr. John” Kevin Allen is the adult education coordinator at his parish, Saint Barnabas Antiochian Orthodox Church, Costa Mesa, California.  He also developed a catechism “module” for inquirers into the Orthodox Church from “new age” and eastern religion backgrounds titled “Enter By The Narrow Gate”. Kevin was formerly the host of two popular interview […]

Stumbling into Zion – Part 3

by Fr. John Moses Stumbling into Zion – Peregrination Sometimes, the Celtic saints would make a “peregrination.” This is like a pilgrimage but different because a peregrination had no set destination. The saint would get in his boat, maybe with friends or disciples, and go where ever the wind would take them. This is how a […]

Stumbling into Zion – Part 2

by Fr. John Moses I looked beyond the Christianity. I read the classics of Buddhism and Hinduism. The Beatles certainly played a part in my interest in Hinduism. With my sexualized personality, I studied Tantric Yoga hoping that my “energy” could be channeled into a more holistic lifestyle. While intriguing and challenging, nothing seemed to […]

“I Personally Testify to the Truth of the Orthodox Faith”

by Vasilios Stefanidis This came to us as a comment to our article “Why I Became Orthodox: A Personal Story and Testimony” by Lance Goldsberry. It was so nice, that we asked Vasilios for permission to publish it as a separate article, and here it is. I personally testify to the truth of the Greek orthodox faith. […]

To Be Black and Orthodox: Part of My Story

by John Gresham, Jr. I have a friend who is considering becoming an Orthodox Christian. She is African-American and is concerned that by joining the Orthodox Church that she would be turning her back on black culture. While she likes everything about the ancient faith, she notices the lack of Negro spirituals and the preaching […]

Starting a Mission and Building a Parish

by Fr. John Whiteford This article from Fr. John is excellent. It is focused on suburban and urban American environments. While it may look basic, don’t be deceived. Starting and growing a mission may seem easy, but it isn’t easy to do well, and an innumerable number of factors can make it immeasurably more difficult. Fr. John knows […]

Why I’m an Orthodox Christian

OR How I can Prove the Orthodox Christian Church is the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church From the blog “Pious Fabrications” Eventually I plan to do a fuller post on my “conversion story,” explaining how I “found” the Orthodox Church and the process that led me into it. I don’t have the time right now […]

Orthodoxy in Ixcan, Guatemala: A Story of Resilient Faith

by Fr. John Chakos Up until the late fifties, the sparsely populated jungle area of Ixcan in western Guatemala was thought to be worthless by the government. In an effort to populate the region for the benefit of the indigenous tribes, a program of land reform was initiated. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a Maryknoll […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 4

by David Scott Klajic One More Deployment Shortly after, I was deployed again for six months. I attended Catholic mass (they had no Eastern Catholic presence there) and tried my best to be a part of the congregation. During Pascha, a navy Orthodox chaplain came to visit and I asked the Catholic priest there if it […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 3

by David Scott Klajic Get an Annulment? The Presbyterian Church we had been attending proved to be too far for us and our little growing family. So, although it freaked me out, my wife asked me if I was OK with attending at the local Catholic Church. I was in another faith waning slump, so I […]