Philippine Denominations join the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aust. & NZ

st tikhon seminary

This letter was posted on the website of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand To all of our reverend clergy and beloved faithful, Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to inform you that after long discussions with two denominations from the Philippines, one […]

Mysterious Mass Conversion From Islam to Christianity in Georgia


by Ian Hamel In 1991, 75% of Adjarians in Georgia were Muslims. Today, they have become 75% Orthodox Christians. How can these conversions be explained, which is apparently unique in the world? “What time do services begin at Saint Nicholas in Batumi on Sunday morning?” The question embarrasses the employee of the President Plaza, one […]

The First Steps of Orthodoxy in Rwanda


by Julia Bridget Haye With the Grace of God and following the strenuous efforts and prayers of his Eminence Innocent Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda, the first steps of the Orthodox Church in Rwanda began. On Saturday 17 -8-2013, His Eminence accompanied by Fr George Schinas and hierodeacon Nektarios Stogiannis and a team from the […]

Axios! Afrikaans Culture Award for Two Orthodox Priests

Fr Korbus

From the Khanya blog. Yesterday we went to the Voortrekker Monument for a ceremony in which two Orthodox priests, Fr Zacharias van Wyk and Fr Kobus van der Riet, were given special awards for their contribution to Afrikaans literature and culture by translating Orthodox liturgical texts into Afrikaans. The awards were made at an event […]

Former Taliban from Afghanistan Baptized on Mount Athos

former taliban

All these years after work I would go to the outside of the churches in the beginning – something was pulling me there – and afterwards I began to enter within. I would become calm. As my Greek was getting better, I wanted to know more about Christ. I found a New Testament, however it was in a language I did not understand [Koine Greek]. Eventually I found a blue one in the Greek I had learned. I began to read it. I decided that I wanted to become a Christian.

Number of Orthodox Christians in Ireland DOUBLES in Five Years


According to the official data Orthodoxy is the fastest growing religion in Ireland.

Why A Chinese Buddhist Became an Orthodox Athonite Monk

Monk cowl

by Fr. Libyos On my last trip to Mount Athos I visited the Monastery of Simonopetra. It is a majestic monastery and the sky was fully blue. There I met a graceful novice monk from China. In truth, he surprised me by his presence. An Orthodox rason on a Chinese man? I was moved somewhat. […]

What Language Is This?

unlearning God

by R. Leo Olson In this excerpt from his memoir, Unlearning God, R. Leo Olson describes his conversion to Orthodoxy from a Protestant fundamentalism as a process of healing from his “spiritual head injuries” and unlearning a problematic understanding of God. Part of unlearning the conception of God that I had picked up in my […]

Answering Main Street Canada

Fr Korz

We offer you an article written by Fr. Geoffrey Korz, Managing Editor of Orthodox Canada and the Dean of All Saints of North America Orthodox Church in Hamilton ON, Canada. Some years ago, I had the pleasure of dining in Toronto’s “Greek Town” with a sister in Christ, a Greek grandmother who had been around […]

More Orthodox Than Lutherans In Estonia

Estonian Church

There are more Orthodox Christians than representatives of other religions among residents of Estonia aged 15 and above. 16% of Estonia’s population call themselves Orthodox, reports Interfax Religion. According to the 2011 population and living space census, 10% of the Estonian population consider themselves Lutherans, reported the Department of Statistics on Monday. At the same […]