12 Reasons Why I Became and/or Remain an Orthodox Christian


by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick Lists like this are usually so much clickbait, I know, but I thought it was nevertheless worthwhile to compile a list of most of the reasons why I became and/or remain an Orthodox Christian. Some of these things were not really on my radar when I became Orthodox in 1998, […]

Keeping Faith in the City

Fr Denis

The majority of Hongkongers celebrate Christmas on December 25. However, a handful will set aside January 7 as their holy day – that’s the day the Russian Orthodox Church observes Christmas Day and many non-Russian Hongkongers have embraced the faith. Christmas for Orthodox churches refers to the same holiday as the Catholic Christmas, but is […]

A Calvinist Anglican Converts To Orthodoxy


Mark Bradshaw, with Conversations On Orthodoxy, recently interviewed me regarding my conversion to the Orthodox Christian Faith. An audio recording of the interview is available online. Here is a transcript of the interview: Mark Bradshaw: Welcome to another Conversation on Orthodoxy. Deacon Joseph Gleason: I think that when you go into an Orthodox church, and you open […]

The Founders of the Orthodox West: On Recovering the Spiritual Identity of Western Europe


by Archpriest Andrew Phillips Foreword Who are the great historical figures of Western Europe who define its identity? The answers of the secular world to this question are quite different from those of the Church. The Western secular world exalts secular figures like Charlemagne, Charles V, or Napoleon as “great Europeans”. But all three of […]

Liturgy, Sacraments, & All That Jazz: Ten Reasons I Joined the Orthodox Church


by Jamey Bennett I am asked fairly regularly to share my conversion story. I haven’t really written out my journey into the Orthodox Church in a full narrative. I hinted at some things related to my Mormon heritage here, but even that doesn’t quite tell the story. Honestly, I’m not sure I am interesting enough […]

My Journey Home… To Orthodoxy

My Journey

by Charlene Haapala It is difficult to describe the changes that have occurred in my life in the past year. It literally feels as if it has been three years. That may be due to the fact that as a whole, I have slowed down. A few life changes have occurred in the last year […]

Orthodox Priest Starts Biker’s Procession in Irkutsk

Biker priest

How did I miss this one? (I’ve always wanted a hog) Four years ago in Irkutsk was the first procession on motorcycles. It was initiated by the abbot of St. Alexander Nevsky Church Father Mark. Then the father, Mark did not dare to sit behind the wheel in a cassock “iron horse” and would prefer […]

The Sunday Morning Show

censing in church

From Jeremiah at the Orthodox Road blog Upon my first visit in an Orthodox Church, I remember thinking that it was a bit too ceremonial and flashy.  There were fancy vestments worn by the priest, candles burning, incense being flung about in a censer, icons painted on the wall, and a procession around the inside […]

Philippine Denominations join the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aust. & NZ

st tikhon seminary

This letter was posted on the website of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand To all of our reverend clergy and beloved faithful, Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to inform you that after long discussions with two denominations from the Philippines, one […]

Mysterious Mass Conversion From Islam to Christianity in Georgia


by Ian Hamel In 1991, 75% of Adjarians in Georgia were Muslims. Today, they have become 75% Orthodox Christians. How can these conversions be explained, which is apparently unique in the world? “What time do services begin at Saint Nicholas in Batumi on Sunday morning?” The question embarrasses the employee of the President Plaza, one […]