Ex Pastor – Now Orthodox Priest – Fr. Seraphim Cardoza

An interview with Fr. Seraphim Cardoza on the program "Afternoons on the Dove".Former protestant pastor, now Orthodox Archpriest Fr. Seraphim Cardoza.Fr. Seraphim Cardoza, St. Innocent Orthodox Church, Rogue River, Ore. … [Read more...]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part Five

The Dead End of Non-Denominationalism by Fr. John Whiteford In the summer of 1988 my wife and I were married in the Chinese Baptist Church that she had been attending in Houston. Due to the efforts of my very frugal wife, we were able to have a nice wedding, a reception, a honeymoon, and to move her stuff to Oklahoma, all for about $1,000.00. That following school year, I thought I had found what I was looking for. There was a non-denominational Church that had been started in the Bethany area, which consisted mostly of former Nazarenes with charismatic tendencies, and the pastor had been a Nazarene music evangelist (he and his wife would … [Read more...]