First Orthodox Services Ever in Kumgangsan, North Korea

Bishop Innokenty of Ussuri, a vicar of the Vladivostok diocese, visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from October 9 through 16 at the invitation of the DPRK Orthodox Committee and the Orthodox parish in Pyongyang. The visit was timed to the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the DPRK. During the last days of his visit, Bishop Innokenty, accompanied by archpriest Alexiy Sabansky, priests of the Pyongyang parish and members of the delegation from the Vladivostok diocese, visited the city of Wonsan and Kimgansan (Diamond Mountains). The guests visited places of interest and walked to … [Read more...]

Monastery in Union Bridge is a Sanctuary for Young and Old Alike

by Lindsay Powers The Sacred Monastery of Saint Nina, Abbess Aemiliane said, is set up in a way that allows the sisters to be at the ready to serve others — a lifestyle that mirrors the ways of angels. “Angels look at God and are happy and they chant praises. But if they have a mission, or if God sends them somewhere, somebody needs something, then they immediately … [are] free to go,” she said. “So our whole life is set up so that we’re completely free, we don’t have to think what to put on. We don’t need anything for ourselves so we can just respond if necessary.” Abbess Aemiliane serves as the head of the monastery nestled on a … [Read more...]

The Orthodox Mission in Kenya

Orthodoxy is alive and well on the African continent. Enjoy this short video and listen to the beautiful liturgy.Happy moments to celebrate the consecration of the second Bishop in Kenya. The Orthodox Church of Kenya has always had one Bishop (at a time) since its inception in 1946. But things have change. Today there are two Bishops i.e The Metropolitan (HE Makarios) and the Assistant Bishop (HG Neofitos Kongai).Orthodox Mission in Kenya … [Read more...]

Church Charity to Feed 1,000 Poor Families for 10 Months

Because charity and evangelism go hand in hand.The Apostoli charity run by the Church of Greece has announced it will provide food to 1,000 low-income families with small children for 10 continuous months.The initiative is being undertaken as part of the Give for Greece program, launched by the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) with the support of the Orthodox Church of North America, Greek-American foundations and US citizens.Families with low incomes – or no income at all – will be eligible to fresh produce, including fruit, vegetables, dairy products and poultry, worth 45 euros per month.Since its inception, Give for Greece … [Read more...]