Orthodoxy in Ixcan, Guatemala: A Story of Resilient Faith

by Fr. John ChakosUp until the late fifties, the sparsely populated jungle area of Ixcan in western Guatemala was thought to be worthless by the government. In an effort to populate the region for the benefit of the indigenous tribes, a program of land reform was initiated. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a Maryknoll priest- Father William Woods- purchased 100 square miles of inaccessible jungle land and began to form cooperatives to assist the Mayan people. With three airplanes, he and other pilots flew thousands of flights to take the produce of these cooperatives to market. Then in 1970, oil was discovered in that region.As a result, … [Read more...]

Now This is Glory: Orthodox Baptisms in Aguacate, Guatemala

Orthodoxy in the New WorldThis village is almost entirely Orthodox Christian, so large baptisms are very common. The baptisms in this video were part of a full baptism service in the parish of the Annunciation.¬†Listen to the music of those beautiful children! It is so wonderful, I could not pass up the opportunity to post it for you.To learn more about the Orthodox Church in Guatemala, visit www.MayanOrthodoxy.com. … [Read more...]