My Journey Through Lutheranism and Calvary Chapel to Orthodoxy

by Patrick Keenan My parents brought me to Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church for Baptism as an infant. Somehow, someway a grace entered my life that has resided as long as I can remember. The quest as to who He is and how I should know him has been a lifelong pursuit. It was an evening […]

My Journey to the Orthodox Christian Church: Part Two

by Adam Lindahl But I will never forget that moment that I stepped over the threshold. I was immediately struck with a sense of awe and reverence. Before me stood a dark room with only candlelight illuminating select portions of the space. The smell of previously used incense lingered in the air. The image of […]

My Journey to the Orthodox Christian Church: Part One

by Adam Lindahl I remember exactly what I was doing the first time the thought crept into my head: There is no God. The depth and darkness of the cold Montanan winter surrounded me in the middle of my senior year of college while I sat in my room working on a difficult assignment. I […]

My Conversion to Holy Orthodoxy

by Jonathan Hill I often read about convert stories to Orthodoxy typically finding a similarity in most of the stories. This similarity in others stories is totally antithetical to my own conversion story. Many find certain teachings difficult or disturbing to come to terms with during their inquiring phase. Only after I had technically converted, […]

“You Need to Get Used to Orthodoxy”

Interview with the Orthodox Priest Thomas Dietz, former Catholic by Fr. George Maximov Priest George Maximov: Hello. You’re watching My Path To God. The guest of today’s program is Priest Thomas Dietz. We all know that during the past 20 years many people from our country emigrated to the West. Father Thomas did the opposite and […]

Why Are Lutherans Converting to Eastern Orthodoxy?

by Gabe Martini In a recent podcast titled “Introducing Eastern Orthodoxy” at the Just & Sinner blog, Lutheran author Jordan Cooper laid some groundwork to help not only explain why many conservative Lutherans are ‘heading East,’ but also provide an introduction to Orthodox belief and practice for his largely Lutheran audience. Since I have a […]

My Search For The Truth: Part 15

by Tamara Schmerse Part 15 of 17. 15: Lutheranism And so there I was again, sitting in between my computer, my Bibles and my Foxtel remote, with no idea of how to proceed further in my search for the Truth. I looked back over my previous few months: I had studied with Jews, and come […]

Reflections of an Orthodox Pilgrim

by Fr. Brendan Pelphrey Converts to Orthodoxy are frequently asked why we became Orthodox.  Since my wife and I were chrismated in 1995 we have answered this question hundreds of times, but often it is difficult to know exactly what to say.  It is not that our story changes each time, but that the reason […]

Landing After A Lifetime Of Looking

My attention was also captured by the parish priest, who, oddly enough was not the dark-haired man of middle-eastern descent that I was expecting, but a blonde-haired priest of Scandinavian extraction. The parish priest came across to me as a “peoples priest” who enjoyed answering the multitude of questions posed to him about Orthodoxy

Thank You, Martin Luther

This comes to us from the Cometh At Midnight Blog, a personal favorite of mine. Today is Reformation Day in the Lutheran churches and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Martin Luther for making me Orthodox. I grew up in the 60?s when the Lutheran Church was conservative and traditional.  We still […]