Catholics and Lutherans Converting to Orthodoxy in Latvia

The Orthodox Church in Latvia is increasingly filling up with former Catholics and Lutherans. by Grigory Shugaev European Christians are complaining about the emptying of churches. The older generation is dying, and only a few adherents are replacing them. It would seem that a Catholic country such as France, at the Easter services—and not just anywhere but in the Notre Dame Cathedral—it would be impossible to get in. Especially considering that the cathedral contains a great Christian relic—Christ’s Crown of Thorns. Nothing of the sort—the cradle of French Catholicism is just slightly over half full on the Feast of Feasts. We hear the same … [Read more...]

A Priest’s Journey to Orthodoxy

by Fr. Janis Kalnins As an Orthodox priest, I am often asked the question, "How is it that you, a Latvian, were drawn to embrace such a non-traditional Faith? After all, Latvians are predominantly either Lutheran or Roman Catholic." It grieves me that so many people have a narrow, nationalist understanding of Orthodoxy. In my reply I always emphasize that I was led to Orthodoxy purely by my search for the truth, my search for God. At that time I knew nothing about the history of Orthodoxy in Latvia; I didn't know about New Martyr Archbishop John (Pomer), nor the fact that at one time there were in Latvia some 100,000 … [Read more...]