The Orthodox Mission in Kenya

Orthodoxy is alive and well on the African continent. Enjoy this short video and listen to the beautiful liturgy.Happy moments to celebrate the consecration of the second Bishop in Kenya. The Orthodox Church of Kenya has always had one Bishop (at a time) since its inception in 1946. But things have change. Today there are two Bishops i.e The Metropolitan (HE Makarios) and the Assistant Bishop (HG Neofitos Kongai).Orthodox Mission in Kenya … [Read more...]

30 years of Orthodox Missionary Ministry

From the Diocese of Nairobi, Kenya, a report on 3 decades of Orthodox missionary ministry in Kenya My dear brothers, Rejoice in the Lord! I am particularly happy and moved to be in touch with you from the missionary Diocese of Kenya, which is located in the eastern part of the African Continent. With God’s help, I have completed 30 years in Africa, 20 of which as a humble worker of the mysteries of God’s Grace, although I first set my foot on the African land in 1977. Milestones which have marked the biggest part of my earthly life. Holy Churches Like every year, this year there have been consecrations of new churches. His Grace, since … [Read more...]

From The Heart Of Africa

An interview with Fr. Phillip Gatari, an Orthodox priest from Kenya Fr. Phillip Gatari recently visited Moscow. He was a guest of Sretensky Monastery for two days, and celebrated the Liturgy with the brothers and other visiting monks from Mt. Athos. After the services, this joyful pastor told us about Orthodoxy in Kenya and his work as the principal of a rural school. Kenya is not a wealthy country, and people live a very simple life here, especially in the provinces. Fr. Phillip, the rector of the Church of St. Anthony in the village of Ishamara in central Kenya, is no exception. He is very busy—Orthodoxy is the most dynamically … [Read more...]

Son of the Prime Minister in Kenya is Baptized & Married as an Orthodox Christian

Metropolitan Makarios of Kenya received about a month ago into the Orthodox Church the first-born son of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Fidel Castro Odinga (named after the Cuban revolutionary leader), who was accompanied by his then future wife Lwam Getachew Bekele who is half Eritrean and half Ethiopian. The couple had expressed their great desire for Fidel to join the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. Having made the necessary arrangements, catechism, etc, His Eminence celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism in the large baptistry of the Orthodox Patriarchal School “Archbishop Makarios III of Cyprus”, baptizing Fidel, together … [Read more...]