An American Pilgrimage to the Orthodox Church: Part 1

by James Kushiner I don’t remember when I first became aware that there are other than Roman Catholic or Protestant Christians. There are so many Catholics and so many Protestants in the United States that the Orthodox virtually are an invisible minority to many. When I finally became aware of the Orthodox, I was not impressed. I heard about a local Greek Orthodox parish, where they mostly spoke Greek; I figured it was just an “immigrant” religion. The children and grandchildren of those Greeks, having been born and raised in America, would adopt American churchgoing habits, I thought, and become either Episcopalian or Presbyterian or … [Read more...]

12 Things I LOVE About Orthodoxy

by Thom Crowe Full Disclosure I’ve wanted to write a listicle about the Orthodox Church, my home within Christianity, for quite some time. But, as often happens, I got distracted and never finished it, until today. So what changed? I saw an article shared by my friend Heather about the 11 things someone loves about the Episcopal Church. It inspired me to write this, not as a rebuttal or anything like that, but to share some of what in Orthodoxy keeps me connected to Christ, to the Church and to my brothers and sisters in Christ. That being said, thank you Ben and Heather for the inspiration and I hope I can do justice to the beauty of … [Read more...]

A Journey To The Ancient Faith: Part 1

This is the story of parachurch Campus Crusade Leaders and their flocks becoming Orthodox by the thousands. Part 1 of 4. And it happened right here in the good ole' USA. … [Read more...]

A Brief Description Of My Journey To Orthodoxy

The following is a recent article I wrote for the parish news letter at Holy Trinity Church in Santa Fe, NM. I grew up in an evangelical family who attended the local Methodist church where I was taught that the Bible and prayer are necessary parts of one’s daily life. The spiritual grounding that I received from my evangelical spirituality gave me a good foundation to build on in order to grow into a deeper Christianity. What I found troublesome about the evangelical Christianity of my youth was the watered down theology and the sentimental thread that seemed to run through its spirituality. The evangelical Methodist church … [Read more...]