Worshipping Jesus At A Mosque

by Gene Daniels This story displays the power that culture can have to repel converts from the Gospel! Culture is a powerful force, and must be harnessed for spreading the Gospel. This actually reminds me of the work of Sheldon Jackson in Alaska, and the disastrous effects it had on the native cultures he attacked […]

The Incredible Tale of Klaus Kenneth

After an incredible, almost unbelievable life, one man tells Theo Panayides how his search for love was finally successful. Klaus Kenneth is God’s gift to newspapers. His life, as he tells it, has been so full of incident and adventure that the only problem for a journalist is how to fit it all in. He […]

Which Came First: New Testament or the Church?

by Fr. James Bernstein A convert to Christianity from Judaism, Fr. James was a teenage chess champion whose dramatic conversion experience at the age of 16 led him to Christianity, and is also one of the founders of Jews For Jesus. His journey led him directly to the Orthodox Christian faith, and his journey is […]

The Gift of Orthodoxy

by Elizabeth Huestis   St. Paul speaks of being “an Apostle out of due time” in the sense that he did not know Jesus first-hand, and did not travel around with Jesus the way that the other Apostles did. Yet God chose him particularly to have a special and useful place in the Church. In […]

A Journey To The Ancient Faith: Part 3

This is the story of parachurch Campus Crusade Leaders and their flocks becoming Orthodox by the thousands. Part 3 of 4.

A Journey To The Ancient Faith: Part 2

This is the story of parachurch Campus Crusade Leaders and their flocks becoming Orthodox by the thousands. Part 2 of 4.

Christianity & Islam Compared

Islam and Christianity have little in common. by Photios Kontoglou “Eastern peoples are more religious”, an ancient writes, wishing to say that Easterners are more religious than people in the West, in Europe. Note that East is also the Balkans together with Russia. To an Easterner feeling is more intense than reasoning, while the opposite […]

From Baptist to Byzantium: Part One

By James Early Everyone who has converted to Orthodoxy from another tradition has a unique and interesting conversion story. There is no such thing as a “typical” story. Because of this, I cannot claim that my conversion story is all that different from the (non-existent) “typical” story. Nevertheless, after having related my experience dozens of […]

A Jesuit Missionary’s Journey To Orthodoxy

by Fr. Leo Arrowsmith The Society of Jesus was my spiritual home for 24 years. 13 of those years were as a Jesuit missionary in Japan. Only after returning to the US and leaving the Jesuits to marry Denise Mason did I finally come into contact with Orthodoxy. It all started in my prayer closet […]

The Pilgrimage of 77 Years

by Peter Cowling My pilgrimage to Orthodox Church has lasted seventy-seven years.  It has been a process of slow evolution rather than a quick revolution.  It has been a search for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. My first fifteen years were spent in Methodism, where I learned something of the Bible, and to […]