Orthodoxy: What I Was Born For – Part 1

by Anastasia & Joseph GuilianiThis is the conversion story from ocultism in the Jehovah's Witnesses to Orthodoxy, and it is not a light read. The account presented here has been edited, but reader discretion is advised. This is a strong story. We are grateful to the Guilianis for permitting us to publish it.A Brief Pre-History of MeI am not sure how far back in my ancestry the occultism goes. There are many stories. But MY story starts with grandparents. I have one grandfather, he is the father of both my mother and my father, but they did not know this when they met and fell in love. He was from what I can figure out, 1/4 Mediterranean … [Read more...]

My Search For The Truth: Part 11

11: Jehovah's Witnesses  Part 11 of 17. So at this point I was still, though researching furiously in my free time, faithfully attending Sunday Services at the Methodist Church. I was getting more confused with each passing week, and the “development” of the church was making me most uncomfortable. There were hardly any old hymns sung anymore, all the songs were either sent up from Hillsong, or musical numbers performed by the teenagers or even the younger children. It became like a weekly concert put on for the people. It was about entertaining and amusing... not worship. There were less and less men in the whole church, and it began to … [Read more...]

My Search For The Truth: Part 2

2: Friends As a child, the rental property next door had many different tenants. For a large chunk of my Primary School years, it was occupied by a very nice family called Robinson, who had children my age and younger. The first memory I have of them is the girl, Sarah, asking me over the fence one day if I was a "Jehovah's Witness". I would have been around 5 years old, and had never heard the term before, but instinctively shook my head. From that point on, I found it fascinating every time the subject came up: no birthday parties, no Christmas presents. I felt awfully sorry for the poor children, but they never seemed to mind their … [Read more...]