Orthodoxy: What I Was Born For – Part 1

by Anastasia & Joseph Guiliani This is the conversion story from ocultism in the Jehovah’s Witnesses to Orthodoxy, and it is not a light read. The account presented here has been edited, but reader discretion is advised. This is a strong story. We are grateful to the Guilianis for permitting us to publish it. A Brief Pre-History of Me […]

My Search For The Truth: Part 11

11: Jehovah’s Witnesses  Part 11 of 17. So at this point I was still, though researching furiously in my free time, faithfully attending Sunday Services at the Methodist Church. I was getting more confused with each passing week, and the “development” of the church was making me most uncomfortable. There were hardly any old hymns […]

My Search For The Truth: Part 2

2: Friends As a child, the rental property next door had many different tenants. For a large chunk of my Primary School years, it was occupied by a very nice family called Robinson, who had children my age and younger. The first memory I have of them is the girl, Sarah, asking me over the […]