In His Own Words: “Do Not Fight, but Do Not Give Up”

by Anna Danilova Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who starred in the movie “Priest-San: Samurai's Confession” accepted baptism in the Russian Orthodox Church. The sacrament was performed by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk. The newly-baptized man received the name of Panteleimon. The actor also stated earlier that he was going to take Russian citizenship. Mr. Tagawa described his life’s journey and his conversion to Orthodox Christianity several hours before his baptism. Not Soldiers, But Warriors There is a connection with Russia in my family’s history. My father learned Russian while he was in the United States of America. My uncle, … [Read more...]

Japanese Fighter Baptized Orthodox Christian

From his childhood years he focused on the martial arts, which led him to study traditional Eastern religions, especially Buddhism. After a period of many years, Tokashi Kishi came to know Christianity, the result of having read very many books. Christianity for Tokashi was another ethical teaching and appeared to him something like Buddhism. After a visit to Russia he felt an inner desire to learn more about Orthodoxy. His desire to become a Christian became even stronger when he returned to Japan, where following his Catechism in the Japanese language, he accepted the Orthodox Church. A short while ago he visited Russia again, and … [Read more...]

XENO – Who Is the Stranger?

by Fr. John S. Bakas In this story Fr. John Bakas relates the story of an Orthodox Christian convert who saved more Jews from certain death during the Holocaust than Oscar Schindler. We will have more on Chiune Sugihara in the future. In Greek, the word, “xeno,” denotes someone who is a “stranger,” someone that is not one of us, someone outside our culture. This is the root of the the word “xenophobia,” fear of stranger. But it is also the root of a beautiful Greek Tradition that transforms that word, “xeno,” into a virtue that participates in the divine, “philoxenia,” love of stranger. The reason this tradition, “philoxenia,” … [Read more...]

Celebrating 110 Yrs of Korean Orthodoxy

Korean Orthodox Church On 29-30 May 2010 celebrations dedicated to 110 anniversary of Orthodoxy in Korea were held in Seoul. The festivities were organized by the Korean metropolia of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate. With the blessing of His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, a delegation from Russian Orthodox Church headed by the Archbishop Veniamin of Vladivostok and Primorye [Coastland] came to participate in the festivities. The delegation also included Hierodeacon Juvenaly (Lapshin) a cleric of Vladivostok Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, D.I. Petrovsky from the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for … [Read more...]