Khorezm Gets First Orthodox Temple

URGENCH, UzbekistanWorkers have finished building the first Russian Orthodox temple in Khorezm Oblast, Fergana News reported January 18. The workers installed domes with crosses on the Temple of Job the Righteous and Long-Suffering in time for Theophany, the January 19 Orthodox holiday. The metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan, Vikentii, pronounced the holy liturgy and blessed the temple's crosses and domes earlier this month. Construction on the temple began in November 2008. HT: Source: Central Asia Online … [Read more...]

Incarnational Approach in Indonesia

An Interview with Fr.Dionysios (Rm.Dionisius Surya Halim) and his presbytera Artemia Rita: Orthodoxy was first established in Indonesia in Batavia, Java as a parish of the Harbin Diocese in accordance with the Ukase of the Harbin Diocesan Council of November 23, 1934. In the late 1940's, the parish was under the omophorion of Archbishop Tikhon of San Francisco. Unfortunately, after the Dutch relinquished their powers to the local leadership, many of the Russian parishioners have already fled during this period of civil unrest, and eventually the parish closed in the early 1950s, when its rector Fr Vasily immigrated to the USA. The following … [Read more...]

The Story Of A Javanese Priest

I am Fr. Antonios from central Java. I am a married priest with one wife: Presbytera Marina , and one son (Ireneus ) and two daughters (Paraskevi and Kyriaki). Ireneus and Paraskevi are in the university, while Kyriaki is still in the primary school. Before I tell my story, I think I should tell you about my Javanese culture so that you can understand where I come from. Javanese people comprise the largest ethnic group of more than 350 ethnic groups in Indonesia. The Javanese have their own language that is completely different from the national language of Indonesia, the Bahasa Indonesia. There are more than 350 different separate … [Read more...]

From Islam to Indonesian Orthodox Priest

by Fr. Yohanes Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono I was born of the Islamic Family on May 15, 1958 in Mojokerto – East Java-Indonesia. As usual in the Islamic family, I was educated as a devoted person in the Islamic Religion by my parents. Because the Grace of God, in the year 1977, I converted to be a Christian and was started on that time, I have been searching the depth of Christianity faith and followed the Christian activities namely : evangelizing people from one village to others. After Graduated from High School on the year 1980, I was entering and studying in a Protestant Seminary and received my Bachelor of Theology from that … [Read more...]