Mercy As A Way Of Life

by Anastasia Pika A red cross on a white scarf, a white apron, and a modest gaze… One can meet these unusual women everywhere there are people in need, from prisons to closed psychiatric institutions. In Ukraine the largest community of sisters of mercy is in Kiev, at the Church of St. Michael, first Metropolitan of Kiev, on the grounds of the Alexandrov Hospital. ForUm paid them a visit to learn about the life of these modern sisters who have dedicated themselves to serving this noble cause. The first accounts about help given by sisters of mercy to the suffering date back to the Middle Ages. Communities of sisters existed in the East … [Read more...]

By Her Prayers…

by Elisabeth Hawkins I want to share how Grand Duchess Elizabeth has helped me in guiding me to Orthodoxy and strengthening my faith. As a divorced single mother, I was living with my eight-year-old son Timothy near Albany, New York. My older brother bad become a monk at Holy Trinity Monastery, in Jordanville, and came occasionally to visit ns. He would talk to me about his Orthodox faith, and I would appear to listen, but I was not interested and therefore I did not really hear what he said. A turning point came in April 1989. Fr. Theophylact came to visit us one evening, and after he left I began wondering if there was some truth … [Read more...]