Eastern Orthodoxy Lures Western Seekers

By Uwe Siemon-Netto If you stand on the shores of Lake Michigan and watch a man with a long gray mane and beard labor on sailing boats, don't automatically assume that he's an aging flower child. He may just be Father Luke, an orthodox cleric, trying to make ends meet.Luke, 58, could not even pay his rent with a mission priest's $1,000 stipend. So he has two other jobs. He works for a boat vendor and keeps book for the Chicago Diocese of the Orthodox Church in America.Three years ago, when Luke was known as the Rev. Robert Nelson, his material life was easier. Then he was the pastor of Salem, a Lutheran congregation on the South Side of … [Read more...]

Ancient Rhythm

By Robin Galiano Russell Converts to Orthodoxy are drawn by its unchanging nature, aesthetic beauty and spiritual mystery Orthodox churchgoers line up at the end of service to kiss the cross being held by Father David Hovik in Arlington, Wash. After six months of catechism studies, Hovik and 104 members of the independent Grace Community Church converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and became the St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church. Meg Robinson lights a candle for her uncle and grandparents before service at St. Andrews Church in Arlington, Wash. The Eastern Orthodox Church, as far removed from a nondenominational or evangelical … [Read more...]