An Interview with Fr. William Olnhausen

by Predrag RudovicFather William Olnhausen is Orthodox priest who converted to Orthodoxy from the Episcopal Church, by a miracle of St. Nicholas. Why he decided to do that, what did he found in Orthodoxy and did not have before and what are differences between Western and Eastern Christianity, you will discover in this interview. An Interview with Fr. William Olnhausen … [Read more...]

Ten Years Later…Fr. Bill Olnhausen’s Story

by Fr. Bill Olnhausen A convert from the Anglican tradition , Fr. Bill recently celebrated 20 years as an Orthodox Christian. In honor of that glorious occasion, we are reprinting his "ten year" look back at his conversion to the Orthodox faith. What I hoped to find in the Orthodox Church I was seeking stability in the faith. I sought the Church that St. Irenaeus had described, which "carefully preserves" apostolic teachings and "proclaims them and teaches them and hands them down with perfect harmony", throughout the world and from generation to generation. By process of elimination, I had concluded that only the Orthodox Church fit … [Read more...]