The Reformed Road To Orthodoxy

by Fr. Wilbur EllsworthThe following is a transcript of a talk about 'What is the Reformed Christian Movement' given by Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth at the Missions and Evangelism Conference held in Grand Rapids, MI. Fr. Wilbur is a former Baptist pastor.The original transcript and an audio of the talk on Ancient Faith Radio can be found here.Fr. Wilbur's conversion story can be found here. Let me ask this, how many of you have heard of the Christian Reformed Church? Now, keep your hands up if you have heard of the Christian Reformed Church, but if you live in Grand Rapids, put your hands down. Okay, how many of you have never heard of the Christian … [Read more...]

Evangelicals Turn Toward … Orthodoxy

The Conversion of Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth By Jason Zengerle The ministry is a calling, but it is also a career, and, in 1987, a Baptist minister named Wilbur Ellsworth was given the career opportunity of a lifetime. After nearly two decades of pastoring modest congregations in California and Ohio, Ellsworth, at the age of 43, was called to lead the First Baptist Church of Wheaton, Illinois–one of the most prominent evangelical churches in what was then the most prominent evangelical city in the world. Often called the “Evangelical Vatican,” the leafy Chicago suburb is home to Wheaton College–the prestigious evangelical … [Read more...]