The Harmony Of Heaven On Earth

by Robert StaufferAs an admirer of C. S. Lewis, I enjoyed the article in the last issue of Orthodox America by Theodore Hadzi-Antich, describing how Lewis led him ultimately to a renewed and deeper appreciation of his Orthodox Faith. However, based on my own experience, I would have to disagree with his statement that"for those who come to the table with a blank slate, i.e., with no faith at all, C. S. Lewis is probably not the best place to start investigating the truths of Christianity."I was born into an essentially atheistic family. Insofar as my parents had a philosophy of life at all, it was that of the American Dream: earn what you … [Read more...]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part Eight

by Fr. John Whiteford However, when I began to seriously study the writings of the Methodist theologian Thomas Oden, I realized that my new theological method wasn’t a new method at all – it was only new to me. Much of the material I was assigned to read while at SNU was a labor to be endured, nothing inspiring or edifying – but there were a few exceptions, and prominent among those exceptions were the books by Thomas Oden. Oden had been a student of the extremely liberal German biblical scholar Rudolph Bultmann, and so was very much a part of the skeptical intellectual environment that I found so unattractive. However, at some point in … [Read more...]