A Journey from Pre-med to Priesthood

by Bishop Nash Even with all its dips and doglegs, it's hard to say if anyone's trip out W.Va. Route 152 has taken more twists than that of The Rev. Jonah Campbell. Rector of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Wayne since September 2011, the 37-year-old's road to Russian Orthodox priesthood took him across the country and into the most intimate regions of the soul. "The way things in my life have worked out since then, gosh, it's amazing." Campbell said. "I would have never predicted that things would have turned out that way." Born in Mooresville, North Carolina, Campbell was raised by Baptist parents in a Presbyterian upbringing. … [Read more...]

Into Orthodoxy: The Long Journey Home

by Fr. Lawrence Farley In my journey home to Orthodoxy, I took the long way around.  I was born into suburban respectability in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and therefore attended Protestant Sunday School like all the other respectable kids my age.  Since Christian Faith in my home was more nominal than real, when Sunday School became boring (the ultimate indictment), I stopped attending and soon sunk into agnostic adolescent mediocrity.  I didn’t give ultimate questions much thought; I was more interested in girls.  (Sadly, they were little interested in me.) But around midway through my teenage years I thought that life must consist of … [Read more...]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part One

by Fr. John Whiteford One of the more ironic moments of my life occurred on May 20th, 2007. I was standing in front of the Kremlin in Moscow. I was by then a priest, and so was attired accordingly in the typical black riassa, pectoral cross, and skufia of a Russian Priest. A family from Mexico came up and asked, in English, if they could take their picture with me – no doubt assuming I was part of the native scenery – and I obliged. How did a former Protestant from Texas end up a Russian Orthodox Priest? It’s a long story, so let me start from the beginning. Background I was raised in a very religious Protestant home, a fifth … [Read more...]

“So That God Would Give You To Us”

by Fr. Mark Rowe My journey to Orthodoxy took a long time. Sometimes I feel like it took an eternity. My first exposure to Orthodoxy came in an interesting way- while at seminary studying to be an Anglican Priest. We were sitting at a table during one of the lectures in theology, and it became clear that there were three types of students there. Some were life-long Anglicans, some (like me) were formerly Roman Catholics, and some were Anglicans with a decidedly eastern focus to their spirituality and theology. I remember having debates while in seminary about the Orthodox and Roman Catholic views on theology. Because the Anglican Church … [Read more...]