“I Ran Out of the Catholic Church, Vowing Never to Return”

An Interview with Fr. Sergius Labunsky, a former Roman Catholic We continue to publish the materials of Spas TV program My Path To God where Priest George Maximov interviews people who converted to Orthodoxy after searching for the truth for a long time. Today the guest of Father George’s program is Priest Sergius Labunsky. His […]

Orthodox Evangelizing with African-Americans

This was just posted on a Facebook group I am a part of and I only wish I could have been there myself. John is a Facebook friend, and I hope to meet him face to face someday. You can read his conversion story here, To Be Black and Orthodox: Part of My Story, and […]

The Most Important Thing that Protestants Receive in Orthodoxy

An interview with Fr. Igor Zyryanov by Fr. George Maximov From our good friends at Pravoslavie.ru, the guest of today’s program is Priest Igor Zyryanov. He started his journey to God in his early youth, but initially this path led him past the Church. He was a Protestant for 18 years, 12 of which he […]

The Spiritual Path of an Atheist, and Where it Leads

by Sarah Whitman The Rev. Gregory Joshua Edwards didn’t always believe in God. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Edwards avoided his family’s Episcopalian beliefs and focused on academics. Valedictorian of his 1996 high school graduating class, he served as student body president and editor of the yearbook. He referred to himself as an atheist. Then, as […]

My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

by Jason Terpack A former Protestant pastor, Jason tells his own story with honesty recounting the journey to Orthodox Christianity he took and what it meant.  Enjoy!       My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Do the Orthodox Evangelize?

Do we! The Russian Orthodox Church increased by 5,000 churches and 10,000 clergmen in the last six years.  Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes that increasing number of Orthodox churches in Russia is testimony that the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church is something the people want. “Over the last six years our […]

The Pastor’s Path to Orthodoxy: Did I Join A Cult?

This post in our series of spouses who become Orthodox without their spouses is for husbands, and interestingly, also for heterodox clergy. This article is from a former Assembly of God pastor who found his way to the Early Church, and behold – discovered that it is Orthodox Christianity. Thank you, Patrick, for allowing us to publish […]

A Journey from Pre-med to Priesthood

by Bishop Nash Even with all its dips and doglegs, it’s hard to say if anyone’s trip out W.Va. Route 152 has taken more twists than that of The Rev. Jonah Campbell. Rector of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Wayne since September 2011, the 37-year-old’s road to Russian Orthodox priesthood took him across the […]

Into Orthodoxy: The Long Journey Home

Being a Protestant, I of course did not fish outside the Protestant pool. I became an Anglican, and thereafter, an Anglican priest.

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part One

by Fr. John Whiteford One of the more ironic moments of my life occurred on May 20th, 2007. I was standing in front of the Kremlin in Moscow. I was by then a priest, and so was attired accordingly in the typical black riassa, pectoral cross, and skufia of a Russian Priest. A family from […]