My Journey Through Lutheranism and Calvary Chapel to Orthodoxy

by Patrick Keenan My parents brought me to Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church for Baptism as an infant. Somehow, someway a grace entered my life that has resided as long as I can remember. The quest as to who He is and how I should know him has been a lifelong pursuit. It was an evening in 1966. Our modest North Dakota apartment housed my Mother, Father and myself. Dad was at the family Drive-In. Mom and I decided to watch NBC’s Saturday Night at the Movies. It was a Rock Hudson Movie called ‘The Spiral Road’. Rock’s character was an Atheist Doctor in a south pacific Island who had fallen in love with a Christian nurse. She asked Rock why he … [Read more...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part One

More entries on our series for women who convert to Orthodoxy without their husbands. by JuliannaI grew up in a family that didn’t really practice any religion. My father had grown up in the Roman Catholic Church and left as a teenager. My mother had grown up in the Southern Baptist tradition, but from a very young age in a family full of difficulties had decided she didn’t believe in God. So my parents raised me to be a very free thinker, but we would go to occasional church services from time to time. As a small child I remember being in AWANAs for a time due to my parents’ then circle of friends and we would sometimes go to the Catholic … [Read more...]

“Just What We Needed To Hear” – Mitch Berry’s Journey

by Mitch Berry I guess you could say our journey to Orthodoxy, unknowingly began back around 1990. Until that period of time, my wife Trenna and I had no other reference than the Protestant church. I had spent the previous 14 years with the Vineyard and was very involved there; and previous to that about 10 years with the Friends (Quaker) church; as well as being connected to Calvary Chapel in one way or another. For nearly as long, so was Trenna. In 1990, Leonard Ravenhill, understudy to A.W. Tozer, came to stay with the Vineyard, stating at that time he believed his many years of ministry were going to culminate with the Vineyard. I was … [Read more...]