Six Adults Baptised, Received into Holy Orthodoxy

God is on the move. He is calling people from all backgrounds and walks of life into communion with His Church. And He is calling members of His Church to cooperate with Him in this saving activity (1 Corinthians 3:9). The Good Shepherd was witness to this Divine activity on the weekend before the Nativity. Six adult catechumens were baptised on the Friday and received into communion on Christmas Eve. The candidates for baptism were from all walks of life. One was a teenager, several in their early twenties, and some middle-aged. Some were from Protestant backgrounds, and some were previously non-believing or actively atheist. All of … [Read more...]

The Difficulties A Convert Faces In Approaching Orthodoxy

by Ekaterini I am a convert to Orthodoxy and live in regional Australia. I came to my local Greek Orthodox Church from the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch whose Patriarch is based in Syria. In Australia, this Church is known as the Antiochian Orthodox Church. There are five traditions of World Orthodoxy represented in my area, but only the Greek and Serbian traditions are "affiliated" with the Patriarch of Constantinople. Only rarely do these churches offer a Divine Liturgy in English. I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts on what difficulties … [Read more...]

The Story of Fr. Seraphim Scheidler

Born in Vienna, Austria of both European and Slavic backgrounds, Father Seraphim, like most Austrians, was born into the Roman Catholic Church, and always considered the Orthodox Church another side of the same coin. As a young man he immigrated to Australia, eventually taking on the citizenship of his chosen homeland. It was in this country that he came into contact with the Liberal Catholic Church (derived from the Old Catholic Church of Holland), meeting his future wife, Margaret, at a church congress. After extensive study for Holy Orders under the direction of the late Bishop Sten von Krusientierna, then Regionary Bishop of … [Read more...]