The Spiritual Path of an Atheist, and Where it Leads

by Sarah Whitman The Rev. Gregory Joshua Edwards didn’t always believe in God. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Edwards avoided his family’s Episcopalian beliefs and focused on academics. Valedictorian of his 1996 high school graduating class, he served as student body president and editor of the yearbook. He referred to himself as an atheist. Then, as […]

“Is there a God? Why Believe.” Fr. Themi Adamopoulo

Fr. Themi, as usual, tells it like it is. In this video, he tells the story of his journey of faith from thinking Christianity was the enemy to becoming an Orthodox Christian.

The Journey Of An Old Atheist Convert

by Darrin Thomas Rasberry This arrived in our comments section, and it was too long and too good to leave as a comment. Thanks Darrin! I’m an old atheist convert, arriving at Orthodoxy after following the above pattern of a long study. I spent 15 years as an active nonbeliever, drifting from American Atheists to […]

The Harmony Of Heaven On Earth

by Robert Stauffer As an admirer of C. S. Lewis, I enjoyed the article in the last issue of Orthodox America by Theodore Hadzi-Antich, describing how Lewis led him ultimately to a renewed and deeper appreciation of his Orthodox Faith. However, based on my own experience, I would have to disagree with his statement that […]

Mercy As A Way Of Life

by Anastasia Pika A red cross on a white scarf, a white apron, and a modest gaze… One can meet these unusual women everywhere there are people in need, from prisons to closed psychiatric institutions. In Ukraine the largest community of sisters of mercy is in Kiev, at the Church of St. Michael, first Metropolitan […]

My Search For The Truth: Part 6

by Tamara Schmerse Part 6 of 17. 6: Atheist I was miserable. A large part of me was desperately hoping to find anything at all that I could use to support my belief in God. A lightening bolt, a drop of rain, a butterfly; anything that I could use to say “that was a sign! […]

“Why I Am Not An Atheist”

An Interview With Dcn. Andrei Kurayev By Nadezhda Pronina Feb 9, 2007 The Voice of Russia Why I Am Not A Christian? — this is the title of the popular book by the celebrated English mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell, which has been translated into many languages. For our program, however, we have chosen a […]

The God Of Our Fathers

I wanted to tell everyone I “found” the Orthodox Church like it was a million dollars! My return to the Orthodox Church was only a beginning of a journey, but at least now I knew the path. I compare it to living on a patch of dirt your whole life and never knowing that right underneath this dirt there is a well with hidden treasures of indescribable beauty.

The Atheist Who Venerated A Saint

by Dionysios Petros I was originally baptised and brought up in the Church of England, (born and baptised in Zimbabwe, but came to England at 8 months old.  My mother’s family being Church of England, in fact my Grandfather was a Canon in Westminster Abbey, for quite some time my Mothers family lived inside the […]

The Thorny Path To God

Then the Gospels somehow came into my hands. This book created an amazing impression upon me. I suddenly had a sharp perception that the truth was precisely here. It was as if I saw with my own eyes how Christ preached, worked miracles, was crucified, and resurrected. Truly resurrected! No such perception of reality has ever occurred to me with any other reading.