God Led Me Into His Church: Part 7

by Fr. Geoff Harvey 'Sola Scriptura' The other thing I had been taught to believe in was ‘sola Scriptura.’ As an Evangelical Anglican, everything had to be derived from Scripture. I think the whole women’s ordination mess really undermined my confidence in sola Scriptura because I saw people who were all arguing from Scriptures coming to completely different conclusions. They were very strongly arguing for different conclusions from the same Scriptures. I could see that sola Scriptura just doesn’t work. I was delighted to discover that while Protestants endorse Sola Scriptura; Catholics endorse Scripture and Tradition; that the Orthodox … [Read more...]

God Led Me Into His Church: Part 6

by Fr. Geoff Harvey Growth Joining the Church was only the start of a wonderful journey of discovery. Archbishop Paul had me undertake three years of Orthodox theological training. I learned by correspondence with the Antiochian Village in America, which offered the St. Stephen’s Diploma of Orthodox Studies. That was brilliant. I discovered that there are many subtle theological shifts I needed to get my head around. I had no difficulty accepting them all. During that training I realised a really fundamental shift in my focus. As an Anglican, I had set out to learn the answer to the question, “What is the truth?” Anglicanism offers … [Read more...]

God Led Me Into His Church: Part 5

by Fr. Geoff Harvey Finding the Orthodox Faith I knew we needed to join the Church. I’d learned from Peter Toon that Christ’s Church exists as a physical reality on this earth. I knew Christ had said the gates of hell would never prevail against it, so I knew that it existed. And I had learned from Michael Harper that the Anglican Communion was simply no longer the Church. As a Westerner, Roman Catholicism was the obvious choice. However, my dear mother said to me, when I explained my struggles, that she would support any decision I made, as long as I didn’t become a Roman Catholic! To be honest, I was shocked at her attitude, and put it … [Read more...]

God Led Me Into His Church: Part 4

by Fr. Geoff Harvey The Crisis I was called to serve at St. Luke’s in the Melbourne in the suburb of Springvale North. Having served with young Australians for seven years I felt a real calling to reach the young. We used the Anglican Liturgy and I wore my vestments during services. We also ran a range of programs aimed at the youth. We had a band. We were the first parish in Australia to introduce the Alpha evangelism program. Alpha was marvellous in helping people come to faith. We also introduced Call to Serve — a brilliant discipling course for people in the parish. We grew. We were doing quite well over that decade. But then, out … [Read more...]