Pastor Finds A Home In Orthodoxy

The Rev. Daniel Hackney, a self-professed “ecumenical mutt,” has found a home in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church. Father Daniel, 45, grew up in a Baptist family, was active in the evangelical Jesus movement, attended Assembly of God and Roman Catholic universities, and served as a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for 10 years. […]

Cannon Street’s Spiritual Heaven

Monasteries are in short supply these days, but three out-of-country monks have now found peace, quiet and prayer nine times a day at a new haven on Cannon Street East. These monks don’t mind if you stop by. Somebody did visit on behalf of an online review site called Mystery Worshippers. The guest complains about […]

An Interview with Troy Polamalu

The Mane Man By Gina Mazza Pittsburgh Magazine, August 2009 Football is a given: How was this year’s Super Bowl experience versus XL? Tomlin versus Cowher? Goals for the coming season? Fatherhood is new in Polamalu’s life since the birth of his son, Paisios, named after a beloved contemporary Greek Orthodox monastic, Elder Paisios, on […]

Protestant Baptized Orthodox on Mt. Athos

On Saturday August 8th, 2009 at the Sacred Monastery of Docheiariou on the Holy Mountain, in a touching atmosphere, a German by the name of Dominik Weiel, a 40 year old Geologist, abandoned Protestantism and was baptized Orthodox taking on the name Michael. For a place not known for its technological advancement, it is interesting […]

5,000 Indians Baptized Orthodox in Mexico

The conversation published below took place in early December 2009, during the visit of Metropolitan Jonah (OCA) to Russia to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Moscow representation of the Orthodox Church in America, and is devoted to the activities of the Church in Latin America. – Your Beatitude, in which Latin American countries is […]

327 Baptized Orthodox in Zimbabwe

Through the blessing of Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All of Africa, Metropolitan George of Zimbabwe conducted today, December 30th, three hundred and twenty-seven baptisms for catechumens in the parish of St. Nektarios in Harare. The majority of the converts were youth and young adults who had completed a catechism class over the past […]

Combining the Uncombinable

When I became Orthodox and learned the basics of faith, I didn’t hide it. At first they were terrified. A Muslim father should always have Muslim children and a Muslim wife, but my mother managed to baptize her kids and even her husband! They say it was the first case in the whole history of Lebanon!