A Faith Fulfilled

by Fr. Michael Harper This article was written in 2008, before Fr. Michael's repose in Jan. 2010. He was the author of the book "A Faith Fulfilled: Why Are Christians Across Great Britain Embracing Orthodoxy?" Eleven years ago, when my wife and I joined the Orthodox Church, I told two of my sisters what we had just done. They both reacted with much the same words, "thank God you haven't become a Roman Catholic, what is Orthodoxy?" This sums up much of the current position - Orthodoxy is not Catholicism, but what on earth is it? A short time ago we invited a well known Evangelical leader to have lunch with us at our Institute for … [Read more...]

From Islam to Indonesian Orthodox Priest

by Fr. Yohanes Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono I was born of the Islamic Family on May 15, 1958 in Mojokerto – East Java-Indonesia. As usual in the Islamic family, I was educated as a devoted person in the Islamic Religion by my parents. Because the Grace of God, in the year 1977, I converted to be a Christian and was started on that time, I have been searching the depth of Christianity faith and followed the Christian activities namely : evangelizing people from one village to others. After Graduated from High School on the year 1980, I was entering and studying in a Protestant Seminary and received my Bachelor of Theology from that … [Read more...]

A Catechmen’s Journey From Hinduism

In a nutshell: I was born and raised Hindu, then was Baha’i for 5 years (2002-2007) before becoming Christian and finding the Orthodox church. How exactly did this happen? Well, as a Hindu, what I learned about other religions were that there are many paths up the same spiritual mountain to reach God. Maybe even the belief that the differences argued about between different religions are like the blind men in a room with an elephant, each feeling a different part and jumping to a different conclusion about what it is - each accurately describing in his own way what one aspect of the elephant was like, but unable to see the … [Read more...]

Through Oxford To Orthodoxy

Archimandrite Meletios (Webber), of Scottish background, was born in London, and received his Masters degree in Theology from Oxford University, England and the Thessalonica School of Theology, Greece. He also holds an E.D.D. (doctorate) in Psychotherapy from the University of Montana, Missoula. He is the author of two published books: Steps of Transformation; an Orthodox Priest Explores the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (Conciliar Press, 2003); and Bread and Water, Wine and Oil; an Orthodox Christian Experience of God (Conciliar Press, 2007). This interview was originally published in Pravoslavnie.ru. Fr. Meletios, could you … [Read more...]