O Lord, Establish This Vineyard

by Fr. Seraphim Bell Things have been shaking at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in San Jose, California. Worship here has taken on a whole new dimension. As pastor, I still prepare for worship by focusing my heart through private prayer. But no longer do I conclude those prayers by tuning my guitar and rehearsing the “praise band” before the service. Instead of donning jeans, tennis shoes, and a sport shirt I now put on flowing white liturgical vestments. I’m not trying to come off as “one of the guys” any more. Instead, I am conscious of the dignity of my ordination into the priesthood, and my calling to serve as the image … [Read more...]

Before And After Conversion

Father Gregory Cognetti (who fell asleep in the Lord April 14 - Holy Tuesday - 1998) led Italy to the Deanery of the Moscow Patriarchate in times of great difficulty for our faithful. The texts that follow (first appeared in the U.S.) is testimony of his integrity and commitment of faith in the revival of Orthodoxy in Italy. I am a professor of biology, and faculty member at the University of Palermo (Italy), but above all an Orthodox priest. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, devout and traditional. In the past, many members of my family were priests, nuns, and even bishops.  My godfather was a cardinal!  I was educated in a … [Read more...]