Q & A

I’d like to become Orthodox – what should I do?

Firstly, give thanks to God for His grace, love and abundant mercy! We always recommend you contact a local Orthodox Church in your area. You can also contact us, via our Contact Page, and we will respond to you as soon as we can – usually within 24 hours. From there, we will help you make the personal connections to grow in your faith, and meet flesh and blood Orthodox Christians who can greet you, welcome you, and accompany you on this journey. It’s a beautiful thing!

My spouse is less enthusiastic about my interest in Orthodoxy than I’d hoped. What do you recommend I do?

Invariably, one spouse is more enthusiastic than the other. This is the norm. Again, for us everything begins and ends with prayer. There are somethings you can do, and some you should not. Contact us, and we’ll let you know what we recommend to make your transition easier for the most important loved ones in your life. Given time, they will deeply appreciate the effort, care, prayer and concern that this journey takes you on, and they will love you for doing it.

There is no Orthodox Church in my town – what can I do? How should I proceed?

Start by getting in touch with  us. We will get you in touch with someone in your area who knows how to connect and help you out. We are here to help you on your journey.

My parish is on a journey, and I think it will end in the Orthodox faith. Can you give us any help?

Yes, we can. You are not the only one’s who have been through this experience. We can put you in touch with men who  have successfully made the transition with their own parishes, and will help you do so as well. Relax! It’s a well worn path, and you’re not alone at any stage of the journey. Get in touch with us today.

I’m in seminary, and I just realized that I’m really Orthodox in my faith? Help! What do I do?

Congratulations on stepping forward to serve the Lord of Hosts. Many of us were in the same situation. Contact us, and we will help you. However, continue in your prayers, your studies, the reading of the Holy Scriptures, and add a little fasting to your weekly regimen.

I’m a clergyman. I’m on the journey and I just can’t remain where I am any longer. How can you help me?

Many of us were where you are right now. When you contact us, we will put you in touch with senior clergy  who themselves have walked the path you are on. Many of them brought their parishes with them into the Orthodox faith. Many came with a few fellow pilgrims. Some came alone. We know what you’re going through, and what to expect. We also know exactly what to do and how to do it. Be patient, and be bold! The Lord sent His Apostles out two by two. We won’t leave you to be alone on this journey.

How do I submit my own story for publication?

We welcome all submissions of conversion stories from those who have made the journey. Just send us your story in .doc format, with  a good quality photo of yourself preferably, and any photos of your reception or home parish. Just make contact via the form on the Contact Page, and we will send you the email address for submission. And God bless you for sharing your story – it will inspire thousands of others who are on a similar path.