Never Say “Never” To Jesus: Part One

Another installment of our series on women who become Orthodox without their husbands, this is a powerful story of why one should never say 'never' to Jesus, and that no matter how sinful, demonic, or crazy your past, Jesus has a future for HannahI am an African/Native American woman. Our family were nominal Christians, I attended Catholic schools but we weren't Catholic. Ever since I can remember I was always afraid, I now realize that somewhere in my family history there were occultist and this left the door wide open for me to be oppressed by demons. I also must say my father and mother were divorced, and my mother was in an affair … [Read more...]

The Conversion of a Samurai

This glorious account of the work of St. Nicholas Kasatkin, the Apostle to Japan, is truly inspiring. Even more so, the account and destiny of his first convert to Christ, Fr. Paul Takuma Sawabe. What a warrior priest for Christ! St. Nicholai Kasatkin was an Orthodox priest serving Christ in Japan during the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate, in the Edo period (1603-1868). Foreigners were distrusted, even hated, and it was illegal to promote any foreign faith. In the early years of his ministry, St. Nicholai was fiercely confronted by a samurai warrior and Shinto priest by the name Takuma Sawabe. Armed with his katana sword, Sawabe faced the … [Read more...]