First Orthodox Church in Pakistan Consecrated

On February 6. 2014 the first consecration of an Orthodox Church occured in Lahore, Pakistan. Fr. John Tanveer is the priest who founded and built the parish. Attending the Consecration were: Metr. Konstantinos of Singapore and Fr. Martin Ritzi, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), who secured an anonymous donation that made […]

Mysterious Mass Conversion From Islam to Christianity in Georgia

by Ian Hamel In 1991, 75% of Adjarians in Georgia were Muslims. Today, they have become 75% Orthodox Christians. How can these conversions be explained, which is apparently unique in the world? “What time do services begin at Saint Nicholas in Batumi on Sunday morning?” The question embarrasses the employee of the President Plaza, one […]

Former Taliban from Afghanistan Baptized on Mount Athos

All these years after work I would go to the outside of the churches in the beginning – something was pulling me there – and afterwards I began to enter within. I would become calm. As my Greek was getting better, I wanted to know more about Christ. I found a New Testament, however it was in a language I did not understand [Koine Greek]. Eventually I found a blue one in the Greek I had learned. I began to read it. I decided that I wanted to become a Christian.

More Imams Convert To Christ

Islam’s Bane Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Coptic priest Fr. Zakaria Botros, who al Qaeda has called “one of the most wanted infidels in the world,” issuing a 60 million dollar bounty on his head. Popular Arabic magazines also call him “Islam’s public enemy #1?. He hosts a television program, “Truth Talk,” on Life TV. […]

Worshipping Jesus At A Mosque

by Gene Daniels This story displays the power that culture can have to repel converts from the Gospel! Culture is a powerful force, and must be harnessed for spreading the Gospel. This actually reminds me of the work of Sheldon Jackson in Alaska, and the disastrous effects it had on the native cultures he attacked […]

Met. Hilarion of ROCOR Visits India,Celebrates Liturgy

Metropolitan Hilarion the first Hierarch of ROCOR arrived in Mumbai on the 10th pf January 2013 and was warmly welcomed by the local people. Former Metropolitan John Augustine of the Anglican church hosted a welcome dinner later that evening to mark this historical moment of ROCOR’s first metropolitan in recent times who has visited the Indian sub […]

Many Muslims Baptized After the Death of Fr. Daniel Sisoyev

The reason for the murder of the priest Daniel Sysoev was the success of his mission among the Muslims, says his friend the famous missionary Father Oleg Stenyaev, according to the news agency Interfax-Religion. “A man gets killed when he is feared, when his spiritual superiority is feared. Father Daniel was threatened 14 times. And […]

Muslim Converts to Orthodoxy After Witnessing Christian Compassion

The deadly flashflood that killed 152 in southern Russia this month prompted a local adherent of Islam to change religion, an Orthodox Christian priest told RIA Novosti. The Krasnodar region resident was visiting the city of Krymsk, which bore the brunt of the disaster, when the flood hit on July 7, Archpriest Sergei Karpets said. […]

My Search For The Truth (And Subsequent Finding Of It): Pt 1

by Tamara Schmerse Part 1 of 17 This delightful story of Tamara’s journey is captivating. I’ve decided to publish it in it’s entirety as a series from her blog, My Search For The Truth. Enjoy this excellent journey, and thank you, Tamara, for allowing us to republish it! My Search For The Truth (And Subsequent […]

Women Saints Who Suffered Under Islam

If we have not found ourselves in a Moslem environment due to increased migration and conversion to Islam, many of us have Moslem neighbours. Like all people, these neighbours are different but as a rule they don’t hide their faith or their conviction in its superiority but often make attempts to acquaint people with it. […]