Fr. Zakarias Boutros on 44 Contradictions in the Koran

I heartily recommend Fr. Zakarias Boutros' ministry to muslim inquirers. He has led millions of Muslims to Christ, through his "Truth Talk" television program and vast online ministry. His knowledge of Islam, the Koran, and Muslim sources is second to none. These days, it is important to know where our inquirers are coming from - this will help. Although this is only subtitled in English, I think you will enjoy it.   … [Read more...]

“If Jesus is God – Let My Daughter Be Alive!” Notes on Indonesian Orthodoxy

by Fr. George Maximov What is the Crown Princess of Bali doing in an Orthodox church, why do Russians prefer to confess to Indonesians, and why Orthodoxy is a blessing for Indonesia—these and other themes are discussed in the Indonesian notes of Fr. George Maximov. The first thing that struck me upon landing in Jakarta was how undeveloped the airport was. You didn't have the familiar electronic information boards—you had to walk up to someone who works there and ask them which baggage belt they were unloading luggage from such-and-such a flight on. I was also amazed at the Indonesian practice of gluing large photographs of themselves … [Read more...]

How St. Xenia Helped a Muslim Woman Become an Iconographer

God is glorified in His saints. St. Xenia is a patron of our family, so I am always happy to share good news concerning her help to others! Everything came together in Alla Mescherova’s life seemingly as it should: auditing classes in the Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, then learning iconography in the “School of Ecclesiastical Arts” in Tver—if it hadn’t been for one thing: Alfia (as her parents named her) grew up in a Muslim family, who held the traditions of their ancestors sacred. Nevertheless, her soul found its home in Orthodox Christianity. —Few Muslims, especially Muslim women, resolve to change their religion against … [Read more...]

“Our Ancestors Were Orthodox”

The story of a Kabardian, former Muslim Another interview by Fr. George Maximov Father George Maximov: Hello! You’re watching My Path To God. Our guest’s name is Mikhail. He is a descendant from one of the nations that are usually associated with the world of Islam, although every Muslim nation in Russia has a Christian page in its history. Mikhail, please tell us where you’re from and how you began your journey to Christianity? Mikhail: Hello, Father George. I was born in Nalchik, the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. I am Kabardian. I spent the first thirteen years of my life in Nalchik. In 1999, we moved to Moscow. Ever since I was … [Read more...]