Dr Hasan Azad’s Journey from Islam to Orthodox Christianity

In his own words. Powerful! Enjoy this beautiful testimony. From Islam to Christ.      Dr Hasan Azad’s Journey from Islam to Orthodox Christianity … [Read more...]

“I Was Afraid to Tell My Jewish Father that We Were Baptized”

Interview with Margarita Kaplun, a Jew who converted to Orthodoxy by Fr. George Maximov The journey of Margarita Kaplun, a woman of Jewish descent and a daughter of an Assistant Rabbi. After personally experiencing the power of praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ, she was baptized and led her parents to faith. Father George Maximov: Hello! You are watching "My Path to God." The guest of today’s program is Margarita. She is an accountant. Please tell us about yourself and your background. Margarita Kaplun: I was born in a Jewish family. My father was an Assistant Rabbi. We didn’t go to synagogue often, but celebrated the feast days at home. … [Read more...]

The Struggle of Converting

A letter from a convert to Orthodox Christianity from Islam sent to our brothers at OCN.I would like to share with you my story of coming to Christ. My whole family and relatives, including myself, were born and grew up as Muslims—our ideology was fixated on radical Islam. We prayed 5 times a day, never ate pork nor drank alcohol. I, eventually, committed myself into the same path as soon as I reached the age of 15 years old.Alongside my brothers, I started going to the mosque daily in order to get to know the one God, “Allah”. In fact, I knew about Allah very much, but I wanted to grow in my faith through deep knowledge, understanding, and … [Read more...]

Beauty, Mystery, and Divine Magnetism: A Conversion Story

by Silouan A conversion story sure to open some eyes, and some hearts. I often hear stories from people I’ve met along the way about the path that lead them to Orthodoxy. More often than not‚ these stories involve books by particular authors or saints whose writings made an influence on their perspective and opened them up to the wealth of the teachings of the Church. These are stories of beautiful and brilliant minds seeking truth amidst the pages of history‚leaving no stone unturned until they found the true path. I sincerely wish I could give you such a brave story of my conversion. The thing is‚ I can’t manage to retrace my steps … [Read more...]