The Journey Of An Old Atheist Convert

by Darrin Thomas Rasberry This arrived in our comments section, and it was too long and too good to leave as a comment. Thanks Darrin! I’m an old atheist convert, arriving at Orthodoxy after following the above pattern of a long study. I spent 15 years as an active nonbeliever, drifting from American Atheists to […]

Taoist (and Med Student) Baptized into the Orthodox Faith

Note the length of his catechism – old ways are sometimes the best ways. In the Church of the Holy Patriarchal Monastery of Odigitria of Gonia in Kisamos Kolimvari, His Eminence our Metropolitan Mr. Amphilochios officiated the Baptism of a student with a scholarship of the 5th year of medicine, Tsai Chen Wei, a Taoist, […]

“Show Me Your God”

by Peter Davydov “If someone would have told me thirty years ago that a column on “Orthodox Christianity” would appear in newspapers, that the Church would have an opportunity to openly witness to Christ using the achievements of modern science (no one had even heard about internet then), and that Orthodox magazines would be freely […]

Why A Chinese Buddhist Became an Orthodox Athonite Monk

by Fr. Libyos On my last trip to Mount Athos I visited the Monastery of Simonopetra. It is a majestic monastery and the sky was fully blue. There I met a graceful novice monk from China. In truth, he surprised me by his presence. An Orthodox rason on a Chinese man? I was moved somewhat. […]

The Harmony Of Heaven On Earth

by Robert Stauffer As an admirer of C. S. Lewis, I enjoyed the article in the last issue of Orthodox America by Theodore Hadzi-Antich, describing how Lewis led him ultimately to a renewed and deeper appreciation of his Orthodox Faith. However, based on my own experience, I would have to disagree with his statement that […]

“When We Speak of Christ, We Must Start With Christ” – An Interview With Fr. Nicholas Kim

by Maria Senchukova Archpriest Nicholas Kim came to the Church from a scientific background – his secular education was in Physics. Our conversation with him covers faith and science, Orthodoxy in Hungary, young people and spiritual life, and holiness. Archpriest Nicholas Kim works with the Church’s Department of External Relations and he has a long […]

Mercy As A Way Of Life

by Anastasia Pika A red cross on a white scarf, a white apron, and a modest gaze… One can meet these unusual women everywhere there are people in need, from prisons to closed psychiatric institutions. In Ukraine the largest community of sisters of mercy is in Kiev, at the Church of St. Michael, first Metropolitan […]

The Significance on My Spiritual Life of my Orthodox Baptism

by Serafim Jens Christian Larsen I want to explain the significance on my spiritual life after I became baptised. Since the time I learned the Truth about Christianity and got to know about orthodoxy, it became my goal to become an orthodox christian, this was what I wanted to become, even I did not know […]

Why Was I Baptised As An Orthodox Christian?

by Serafim Jens Christian Larsen My Chrismation took place just before the beginning of the summer holidays and I was planning for another trip to Romania, with the wish to stay at a Monastery for a longer duration of time. I talked to a member of the Perish, who knew about a father in Bucharest, […]

How Did I Become An Orthodox Christian Believer?

by Serafim Jens Christian Larsen Late spring 2004, I was going to decide where to spend my summer holiday, it was a tradition in my family, that we use to spend our summer holidays abroad somewhere in Europe. I was a little bit indecisive on where to go that year, and I mentioned it to […]