Couple Converts to Orthodoxy, Five Years Later Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

by Todd McMahon This was too good not to publish - The congregation from Green Bay's St. Matthew Orthodox Church celebrated the 70th wedding anniversary for church members Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud. When he leads the Sunday morning liturgy, Father Maximus Cabey needs only to gaze out to his congregation to find inspiration in the flesh. “It’s being faithful through the thick and thin of life,” said Cabey, the rector at St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Green Bay. That is how Cabey sees Bronnie and Annabelle Stroud. Not only are the Strouds regular attendees at Cabey’s church, but they also have the unusual distinction of being married … [Read more...]

My Journey Home… To Orthodoxy

by Charlene Haapala It is difficult to describe the changes that have occurred in my life in the past year. It literally feels as if it has been three years. That may be due to the fact that as a whole, I have slowed down. A few life changes have occurred in the last year including moving, finishing my Master's degree, and starting my career as a social worker working as a therapist. However, even those most significant changes have not changed my life in the way that converting from Protestant Christianity to Eastern Orthodox Christianity has changed my framework for viewing life. My experience of converting to Orthodoxy is what I will … [Read more...]

Teach Me How To Live When The Tongue Is Done

by Jeremiah In order to join the Orthodox Church, I had to be chrismated. In this liturgical ceremony, the priest anointed me with chrism oil and prayed that I would receive the Holy Spirit. In charismatic circles, we would probably call this a “baptism of the Holy Spirit,” just without the speaking in tongues. While I certainly do not oppose speaking in tongues, and neither do several Orthodox leaders such as Fr Thomas Hopko, I believe that the fruit of the Spirit is even more critical than the ability to speak in an unknown language. I am reminded of a song by Kirk Franklin in which he relates his young adult life. He attended an … [Read more...]

Why Charistmatics Should Become Orthodox

by Mike Spreng This comes to us from the excellent blog, Classical Christianity: Eastern Orthodoxy for Today, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites. There are a number of reasons why Charismatics should become eastern Orthodox; reasons such as apostolic succession, liturgical renewal and a general expansion of theology. But there are a few things about Eastern Orthodoxy that are extremely “charismatic” that charismatics surprisingly have not yet embraced. Here is how Theopedia describes the term Charismatic. Charismatic is an umbrella term used to describe those Christians who believe that the manifestations of the Holy … [Read more...]