The Greatest Gift in the World

Orthodox Korean Ksenia Kim Talks About Her Path To The Church Today we are publishing an English translation of Fr. George Maximov’s interview with Ksenia Kim, an Orthodox Korean missionary. She talks about her difficult personal choice of faith, the history of Orthodoxy among the Korean people as well as the life of Korean Orthodox community […]

Something More Real on the Other Side of Sorrow

by C. J. S. Hayward A departure from our recent series on women and men who come to Orthodoxy without their spouses, this article is a deeper introspection of a student struggling  Introduction: A bit of background I know one Orthodox priest of venerable age; the last time I saw him he was using a […]

Orthodoxy and Philosophy: An Interview with Travis Dumsday

by Tudor Petcu Tudor Petcu is a Romanian writer, graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Romania. He has published a number of articles related to philosophy and theology in different cultural and academic journals. His work focuses on the evolution of Orthodox spirituality in Western societies as well and he is going […]

My Orthodox Journey

by Alison Cloonan I was not baptized in the Orthodox Church when I converted from Protestantism. This has become a subject of intense controversy, but fortunately for me it was not when I received the Chrism of the Holy Spirit into the Orthodox faith twenty years ago. And even today I would not change my mind, […]

Never Say “Never” To Jesus: Part One

Another installment of our series on women who become Orthodox without their husbands, this is a powerful story of why one should never say ‘never’ to Jesus, and that no matter how sinful, demonic, or crazy your past, Jesus has a future for you. by Hannah I am an African/Native American woman. Our family were […]

Stumbling into Zion – The Confessions of a Redneck Priest

by Fr. John Moses A strong testimony of the healing power of Christ and his Church, Fr. John Moses’ story is presented to give hope to those trapped in darkness. “I’d rather you were dead.” I stood in amazement because my mother, who had just spoken those words, clearly did not understand what I was […]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 1

by David Scott Klajic Scott’s journey took him from Orthodoxy to the Church of Christ, to Presbyterianism, to Eastern (Byzantine) Catholicism, to Roman Catholicism right back into the arms of the Orthodox Church.  In 2015, I “converted” to Orthodoxy, at 43 years old. At the time, I had recently returned from my second deployment (I am an […]

Katherine’s Journey Home: Part 3

by Katherine Sanders Back in Edinburgh, we went to the Orthodox Church at the end of a day when churches are open for visitors – my husband has always been an unusual man and as a church architect, we had lots of reasons to go and see this unique place. We turned up at the […]

Katherine’s Journey Home: Part 2

by Katherine Sanders Around the age of 18, I was at art school, fulfilling my life’s ambition. I had a boyfriend and was living away from home. I then had what I think of as a breakdown – or breakthrough. I wasn’t able to structure my life properly and without the support of my family, […]

Katherine’s Journey Home

This is my journey home to the Orthodox Church by Katherine Sanders I was born in the early 1970s into an ethnically Scottish Presbyterian family – my parents had both been baptised and our culture was very sectarian – anything remotely Catholic was immediately suspect, even crosses. Only one of my grandparents was an overtly […]