South Tennessee to South Canaan

by Fr. Martin Watt I was born of Methodist and Baptist parents in the mid 1960s.  I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, but grew up in Jackson, Tennessee, near Memphis. I was christened in the Methodist Church at birth.  I have the distinct honor of being the only person, to my knowledge, to have failed confirmation class. When I first went through confirmation class, around age 11, my father who was the Baptist half of my upbringing, wanted to make sure I knew that the decision to be received in the Church was my decision, but that I should be prepared to keep that decision for the remainder of my life.  It was his way of stressing … [Read more...]

The Church Belongs To Everyone

Interview with Fr. Moses Berry Fr. Moses Berry, an OCA priest ministering at Theotokos “Unexpected Joy” Orthodox Church in Ash Grove, Missouri, has an unusual story. In 1998, he moved with his family from St. Louis to his family’s farm in Ash Grove, near Springfield. Century Farm has been in the Berry family since 1872; on the property a cemetery dedicated to “Slaves, Paupers, and Indians” needed maintenance and oversight, and so Fr. Moses left a mission in the city to return to his rural boyhood home. A small group of faithful collected around the new mission, Theotokos “Unexpected Joy.”  The tiny cemetery chapel hosted the first services; … [Read more...]

My Search For The Truth (And Subsequent Finding Of It): Pt 1

by Tamara Schmerse Part 1 of 17 This delightful story of Tamara's journey is captivating. I've decided to publish it in it's entirety as a series from her blog, My Search For The Truth. Enjoy this excellent journey, and thank you, Tamara, for allowing us to republish it! My Search For The Truth (And Subsequent Finding Of It) Foreword The following is an attempt to explain the thought processes behind the decisions I have made in my search for religious Truth. I am not trying to make scientific arguments, accuse anyone of anything, or label any person, organisation or belief as wrong. I am only recounting the experiences I had and … [Read more...]

An Evangelical Missionary Smitten With Orthodoxy

by Fr. David Hudson Not long after I arrived in Romania as an evangelical missionary in 1993, an Evangelical pastor with whom I was working said to me, "You think you came to Romania to do something for God, but perhaps He wants to do something for you". It was true that I was on a pilgrimage that had started when I was a child with an unusual thirst for spiritual things, but I really did not expect my searching to come to an end in Romania. I was raised in the conservative Wesleyan movement, and baptized at the age of 8. Even as a child I was willing to stand alone for my religious convictions, and I strove to live a consistent … [Read more...]