In Patience, Possess Ye Your Souls

by Alf Siewers I was many years in coming to the Orthodox Church.  In spite of my many sins and willfulness to the contrary, God kept nudging and guiding me.  Although my family was blessed with a strong Christian heritage, I was raised in an intellectual atmosphere that was essentially hostile toward Christianity, and any Orthodox background was centuries removed.  My mother was of New England Puritan background with deep family roots in Chicago (her grandfather actually was at the convention there that nominated Abraham Lincoln).  My dad's family was a mix of Irish Catholic and Norwegian Lutheran background (a step-uncle of mine is … [Read more...]

A Journalist’s Journey

by Alfred Kentigern Pavlos Siewers When I was covering airplane crashes and other tragedies major or minor for the Chicago Sun-Times, at the scene of such events or crimes or other suffering I would often pray and ask myself “How can I be of service, Lord?” I was very unworthy in my efforts. Despite a successful career as a journalist I felt spiritually unfulfilled. At the time I was a devout Christian Scientist, and basically had gone without relying on medicine (except dentistry) and only on prayer for health for about 12 years from my late teens into my 30s. Although I had not been raised a Christian Scientist, my mother … [Read more...]