The Orthodox Man

The story of former Baptist Tommy “Tomas” Rydén As an infant I had been what they call “officially blessed” in the Baptist church of Linköping in front of the congregation. As Baptists the congregants did not believe in any formal baptism of infants. My father, who in his younger years had been trained as an […]

The Letter of an Orthodox Catechumen to His Beloved Daughter

Ray is an inquirer who made contact with us a little while ago, and we have kept in touch with each other as he made contact with a local parish. This is a letter he wrote to his daughter, who attends a protestant university. His daughter recently wrote him back. He is an Orthodox Catechumen, and […]

Why I Became Orthodox: Part Four

by Wesley Giesbrecht The Scales Tip All throughout the time of my journey, unknowingly, towards Orthodoxy I had this strange intuition that the Orthodox Church was right but it was as if within me there was an Orthodox and a Protestant arguing against each other and time after time the Protestant won. I can recall a […]

Why I Became Orthodox: Part Three

by Wesley Giesbrecht A Shrinking Circle and an Enlarging Ecclesiology I was a part of a prison ministry team with her father and it just so happened that the day she discovered the letter and showed her parents was the day of one of our trips to the prison. The whole time I was nervous and […]

Why I Became Orthodox: Part Two

by Wesley Giesbrecht From Symbol to Sacrament Part of my Evangelical Anabaptist upbringing was a complete rejection of the sacraments. Baptism was only an act of public declaration and the Eucharist (a word entirely foreign to my upbringing; it was simply called ‘communion’) was nothing more than a memorial meal. This was something I held on […]

Why I Became Orthodox: Part One

by Wesley Giesbrecht Ever since I was baptized into the Eastern Orthodox Church on September 7th, 2014, I’ve thought of possibly writing an article about the reasons for my leap out of Evangelical Anabaptism and into Eastern Orthodoxy. I’m sure that many people have wondered about why I made the jump and the reasons that I […]

Orthodox Mission Comes To The Felicianas

The Orthodox view church as a hospital for a sick soul, where you receive medicine, where you receive healing. … This is one place where it’s OK not to be OK.

Texas Christians Practice the Orthodox Faith

By Angela Ward  Ask most East Texans about the major divisions of Christianity and their response will probably mention only two of the three: Roman Catholics and Protestants. The third branch of Christianity, Eastern Orthodox, is relatively unknown in most of the southern United States, but that’s beginning to change. The Rev. John Mikita, pastor […]

A Pilgrim’s Podvig: Part One

by Fr. John Whiteford One of the more ironic moments of my life occurred on May 20th, 2007. I was standing in front of the Kremlin in Moscow. I was by then a priest, and so was attired accordingly in the typical black riassa, pectoral cross, and skufia of a Russian Priest. A family from […]

South Tennessee to South Canaan

by Fr. Martin Watt I was born of Methodist and Baptist parents in the mid 1960s.  I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, but grew up in Jackson, Tennessee, near Memphis. I was christened in the Methodist Church at birth.  I have the distinct honor of being the only person, to my knowledge, to have failed […]