Answering the Questions

More of Fr. Nathaniel Johnson, talking about his favorite seasons, his immersion into Orthodoxy, and his favorite saints.  Fr. Deacon Nathaniel Johnson   Answering the Questions   … [Read more...]

The Church That Has It ALL

I had the great pleasure of concelebrating liturgy with Fr. Nathaniel, and his fellow clergy at St. Lawrence Orthodox Church in Felton, CA, this past weekend. What a glorious encounter! Hear his story in his own words.  Fr. Deacon Nathaniel Johnson Fr. Nathaniel Johnson served the Orthodox Church as a deacon in the San Lorenzo Valley for 28 years before his ordination to the Holy Priesthood. He and his wife Presbytera Susan have 3 children; two daughters and a son. The oldest daughter is an Orthodox nun at St. John the Forerunner Monastery in Goldendale, Washington. Their son and youngest daughter and her husband live locally. Father … [Read more...]

On Becoming Eastern Orthodox

by Hal Freeman In my last entry I engaged in some preliminary considerations of politics. I decided to take on the area of religion as well. For some of you a discussion of religion is at best tangential to Russian/American relationships. Maybe it’s tangential to a lot more than that. On the other hand, the two countries have strong religious backgrounds. And, yes, I am aware of “don’t discuss religion and politics.” But before I look at the differences between the American and Russian expressions of Orthodoxy, I think some background for what undoubtedly colors my observations is in order. I do not write as a “cradle Orthodox.” I have never … [Read more...]

Humility and Regret in My Journey to Orthodoxy

by Scott Lewis I was born and raised in a good Baptist home with a solid Christian foundation. As you are probably aware, as a Baptist we believe that the early church fell away from the true Christian faith and was not resurrected until the Protestant reformation. Growing up in the midst of the cold war, I learned of the persecution of Christians in Eastern Europe but always wondered who were these Christians if they were not Baptist who were willing to be sent to Gulags and risk executions? As I became a teenager, I heard about the Eastern Orthodox Christians behind the iron curtain and the Greek Orthodox. When I approached my older … [Read more...]