Newly Baptized Orthodox King is a Dedicated Servant to His People

The newly-baptized Orthodox King David, His Majesty King Tchiffi Zae Jean-Gervais of the Krou chieftains in Côte d’Ivoire, the founder of the United Kingdoms of Africa, has long been a servant to his and all African people, dedicating his life toward serving the common interest of the people of Africa. King Tchiffi Zae Jean Gervais recently traveled to holy Mount Athos to join the holy Orthodox Church, taking the name David in holy Baptism, as previously reported. According to information from the Metochion of St. Tryphon, a dependency of the Athonite Monastery of Koutloumousiou, where the king was baptized, the Baptism was celebrated with … [Read more...]

Crazy Busy! We need your help today

Friends, JTO is busy. Crazy busy! This is good, as it shows that all your work and the work of others is bearing serious fruit, and driving inquirers to contact us, but we can't pick it up from here without your help. We need you to make a donation today. This year has been the busiest year ever for us, and we are struggling to keep up with the class, emails, letters, texts, and chats from souls trying to make contact and start the journey into the Orthodox Church.  Recently, we have fielded contacts from Serbia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Uganda, Nigeria, … [Read more...]

“Japan Made Me Orthodox”

Eleonora Borisovna Sablina is an historian, teacher, candidate of historical sciences, researcher of Japanese Orthodoxy, and the author of a book on St. Nicholas of Japan.   —Eleonora Borisovna, you have been living and teaching in Japan for many years. Tell us, please, how you arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun? Where do you work? —I have been teaching at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for nineteen years. I am a candidate in historical sciences and professor. I also teach at the Tokyo Conservatory, and until March of this year I worked at the State University of Yokohama. Unfortunately, study of the humanities is being … [Read more...]

Father Moses Berry: From Hippie Bad-Boy Cool-Cat to Orthodox Priest

by Irene Archos You wouldn’t suspect that the jovial Orthodox priest who carries the gold chalise with such reverence from behind the iconostasis of “Mother of Unexpected Joy” church was once a drug dealing, rambling hippie and coffee-house owner with his own underground band, not to mention an illegitimate descendent of Nathaniel Boone, the son of the legendary American hero Daniel Boone.  Father Moses Berry, who is by now in his 60s, is still a rolling ball of fire, overflowing with spontaneous exuberance.  He bounces from one story to another as he moves from one section of the Ozarks Afro-American Heritage Museum he founded in his native … [Read more...]