The Bible Answer Man and Theosis

Hank Hanegraaff, The Bible Answer Man on Orthodoxy. The Bible Answer Man recently answered a question about Eastern Orthodoxy and Theosis, and answered it beautifully, I thought.      Source   The Bible Answer Man and Theosis

Met. Joseph Commemorates 30th Anniversary of EOC Reception into Antiochian Archdiocese

Beloved in Christ, We greet you with great joy as we embark upon this new Lenten journey which lies ahead. Before us lies a strenuous path leading to the Feast of the Holy Resurrection of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ. May your journey be blessed! This year marks the 30th anniversary of […]

Georgian Women, Doctors to Build Church as Repentance for Abortions

Georgian Orthodox Church – you’re doing it right. It is about time we started doing this, even in a small way, in America. A group of Georgian women who have had abortions and doctors who have performed abortions have decided to build a new church as an act of repentance, reports The group recently […]

Forty Excuses for Not Joining the Orthodox Church

Please don’t skip down to the list immediately. This entire post outlining ‘why I can’t become Orthodox’ is worthy of your time. Why do so few people of contemporary Western culture join the Orthodox Church? Before we attempt to answer this question, we would like to underline that this article is not about people of […]

Russia Built 3 Churches Per Day, 1000 Per Year For 28 Years – A World Record

“More than that, I know no other precedent of this kind anywhere throughout the history of mankind….” Noting that today many say that modern society lives in the post-Christian era, (Metropolitan Hillarion) said that it is not felt in Russia. Religious faith in Russia never grew more intensively than in the past three decades, believes […]

Video: Hitler Finds Out His Son Converted To Orthodoxy

A famous viral meme, and originally from the excellent movie “Downfall” the “Hitler finds out…” memes are some of the funniest on the internet. I came across this quite by accident, and thought it was worthy of reposting. It reflects some raw experiences of relatives who find converts among their friends and family. If you don’t […]

The Ancient Apostolic Church

The transformational power of the Ancient Apostolic Church unchanged by Abbot Tryphon In an age when many Christian denominations are trying to appear relevant and modern, I am finding that large numbers of people are drawn to the Ancient Faith by the beard and robe. I am constantly thanked for dressing as I do by […]

Monastery in Union Bridge is a Sanctuary for Young and Old Alike

by Lindsay Powers The Sacred Monastery of Saint Nina, Abbess Aemiliane said, is set up in a way that allows the sisters to be at the ready to serve others — a lifestyle that mirrors the ways of angels. “Angels look at God and are happy and they chant praises. But if they have a […]

One Day To Go: Old Testament Challenge

by Fr. John A. Peck Since we are now less than two days away from beginning the Old Testament Challenge, we should run through a basic check list of readiness. Bible with all the books of the Orthodox Canon of the Old Testament (the Septuagint Old Testament). Check. Ebook “Learning the Old Testament the Orthodox Way“ […]

St. Petersberg Needs More Churches

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, which has approximately the same population as St. Petersberg. We have 1/10th the number of Churches St. Petersberg has. I say, more churches! More! Metropolitan Varsonofy of St. Petersburg and Ladoga believes there are not enough Orthodox churches in the ‘northern capital.’ “Today there are over 200 churches in St. […]