Heroic Virtue: The Pro-Life Milennial

Ever wonder if the Orthodox faith is actually making a difference in someone's life outside of the walls of a parish nave? Is anyone walking the walk, fighting the fight, with us here in the world, reaching students, and not retreating to a monastery?Wonder no more. Projected onto a screen at the front of the room, a sepia-tinted orb gently pulses in a black abyss. Violin music swells as two circles suddenly appear inside the orb, quickly dividing into four, then eight, then too many to count. The words 24 hours. Baby's first division appear on the screen. The audience watches in respectful silence as the YouTube video progresses … [Read more...]

A Life Changed By Icons

by Vasily Tomachinsky —Please tell us about your background and your journey to the Orthodox Church. My name is Cliff (Isaac in Orthodox Baptism) Gardner, and this is my background. I was raised in a Protestant Southern Baptist family. We were in the military; my father was in the U.S. Air Force. I have four brothers, a family of five boys, and we moved all over the world. We lived most our lives in America and then in Germany, where I was as a teenager. No matter where my parents moved, they always found a Southern Baptist church, including in Puerto Rico, where I was born, and Germany, where our German pastor was Southern Baptist! I … [Read more...]

Rejecting Rapturemania – Get Yours Today

Friends, Many of you have supported Journey to Orthodoxy over these past 5 years, and labored ceaselessly to help others find and make their way to the faith of the Apostles. As you know, many heterodox Christians struggle with strange and confusing doctrines which make it difficult for them to make sense of what the Bible teaches. No where is this more true than with the doctrine of the Rapture. This contrived idea has become a heresy juggernaut, supplanting the Gospel in many cases. Yes! For some, belief in the Rapture is the decider of your salvation! In other words, in their minds (and they are absolutely convinced!) if you do … [Read more...]

Orthodox Divers Building Underwater Church

It's not enough that we have real Orthodox churches at the North and South poles on mountain tops, in deep areas, deserts and more. Now the Orthodox Church will sanctify the bottom of the sea, with icons and everything - starting with a three ton Cross. Divers in Crimea have erected a large cross in the shape of an anchor off the Crimean coast. It heralds the start of construction work on building what they promise will be a full blown underwater church. The three-ton cross is just the beginning of an ambitious plan by Archimandrite Tikhon, a diving enthusiast and the project’s initiator. “The underwater church will look like a church. … [Read more...]