Crazy Busy! We need your help today

Friends, JTO is busy. Crazy busy! This is good, as it shows that all your work and the work of others is bearing serious fruit, and driving inquirers to contact us, but we can’t pick it up from here without your help.

We need you to make a donation today.

This year has been the busiest year ever for us, and we are struggling to keep up with the class, emails, letters, texts, and chats from souls trying to make contact and start the journey into the Orthodox Church. 

Recently, we have fielded contacts from Serbia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Uganda, Nigeria, India, Jerusalem, and more! It takes research, and sometimes very persistent calls and emails to find a person to serve as contact and mentor. It takes time, but we don’t want a single contact to fall through the cracks. Not one!

Fr. John has even added online Catechism classes to try and lighten the burden of learning for these inquirers. And sometimes travelling to meet with inquirers, catechumens, and even baptizing them!

Can you help? Make a donation today, please, and keep things crazy busy, but moving these souls into active, welcoming Orthodox communities.

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By doing so, you will assure that we have the means and materials necessary to help these inquirers and set them on a good path.

Thank you, and remember us in your holy prayers daily, as we remember all of you.

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