The Bible Answer Man and Theosis

Hank Hanegraaff, The Bible Answer Man on Orthodoxy. The Bible Answer Man recently answered a question about Eastern Orthodoxy and Theosis, and answered it beautifully, I thought. 





The Bible Answer Man and Theosis


  1. David DeJonge says:

    Thank you. We as Orthodox encounter so many who do not understand what we believe. A large challenge is throwing out beliefs out because of the protesting or reforming against the Roman Catholic Church and thinking we believe the same.

    This is not condemning the Roman Catholic believers just explaining the challenge.

    Thank you again. This post is being shared around Facebook by many of the Orthodox faithful.

  2. David DeJonge says:

    Sorry thought this linked directly to Hanks site. Will track him down and post on his. Keep up the great work- on towards Pascha!

  3. Michael Bauman says:

    I have listened frequently to the Bible Answer Man over the years although his program is no longer available in my local market.

    He does do a really good job on the questions asked and treats the Eucharist with surprising deference.

    From time to time I have heard him give really good answers to a point and then vere off on a Protestant tangent that he need not have followed logically.

    He is a relentless and credible critic of the most egregious pusedo-Protestant sects and because of his Protestant credentials his critique has more punch than the same thing coming from us.

  4. No problem David, and thanks for posting! Please share on social media as much as you can.

  5. On April 9, 2017 (Palm Sunday) Hanegraff and his wife left Protestantism and entered the Orthodox Church through Chrismation. This happened at St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  6. Rodney Rafols says:

    Not surprising. He has just recently entered into the Church. Many years to him.

  7. Hank was Chrismated at St Nektarios Church in Charlotte North Carolina yesterday!

  8. He was indeed!

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