More than 100 Baptisms Celebrated in Siberian Village

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Two Orthodox priests recently visited the Siberian village of Essey in the Evenkia district, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, celebrating 120 Baptisms, according to Evenkia authorities.

The priests also blessed a kindergarten, middle school, and the future construction site of a new church.

“The northernmost village of Evenkia—Essey—was visited by representatives of the Orthodox Church: the dean of Evenkia and rector of Holy Trinity Church Fr. Dimitry, and the rector of St. Michael’s Church Fr. Sergei. Within their three-day visit to the Arctic village the representatives of Orthodoxy celebrated 120 Baptisms,” reads the Evenkia message.

Essey is considered the cradle of Christianity in Evenkia. Local Yakuts and Evenks adopted Orthodoxy in 1852, with the first church being built in 1892.

There is no church there now.


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