The Orthodox Mission in Kenya

Orthodoxy is alive and well on the African continent. Enjoy this short video and listen to the beautiful liturgy.

Happy moments to celebrate the consecration of the second Bishop in Kenya. The Orthodox Church of Kenya has always had one Bishop (at a time) since its inception in 1946. But things have change. Today there are two Bishops i.e The Metropolitan (HE Makarios) and the Assistant Bishop (HG Neofitos Kongai).

Orthodox Mission in Kenya


  1. Very beautiful indeed! It demonstrates the universality of the Orthodox Father which is for all peoples everywhere and in all times.

  2. Macrina Walker says:

    As far as I’m aware, there are three bishops, in three separate dioceses. There is also Bishop Athanasios of Kisumu and West Kenya.

  3. Jonathan Cholcher says:

    We got to meet and pray with His Grace Neofitos in Ohio this past week. What a wonderful man and pastor. He said there are 1 million Orthodox Christians in Kenya; that’s more than in America. May God prosper the mission of the Gospel everywhere, and may we cooperate in that mission!

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