The Road Facing East: Part 1

by Daria

Why I became an Orthodox Christian

Daria is the author of the Memory of Chains blog. She is also active in the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry. This is her story!

Part Two can be read HERE

Orthodox Christian


  1. I had the SAME reaction when I attended my first-ever Divine Liturgy. Within minutes – very few minutes – I KNEW. This is HOME. It took a long road to get me there (thanks to my own stupid wanderings) but thank God He had mercy on me and I’m right back where i belong. From the first time I ever heard the beginning of hte Divine Liturgy…every other church service was just “ruined” for me and I knew there was no going back (though i tried real hard). Truth is truth, and that’s just that. Thanks be to God

  2. tp70000fun says:

    welcome home

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