Two Magicians Baptized Orthodox Christians in Eastern Congo

2 magicians

Thanks to Robert Arakaki for bringing this to our attention, and to Google translate for making it somewhat understandable.

He is now called Theophane. After having assisted with the Orthodox Catechism in Bunia, East Congo, he had given us all a great surprise by abandoning all magical practices, that tied him to the devil and therefore also far from God and His Grace, who gives the true happiness of mankind.

A certain day, prior to his baptism, he came after Vespers (evening prayers), bringing in his bag several different magical objects that he had in his possession: incantations, magical prayers, handkerchiefs, powders in bottles and an ointment which had been given to him by a certain warlock of his region, with which he could impose his will onto other to dominate them etc… But this young man could not find any work, and he did not taste of any joy, interior peace or happiness.

Having not found a special service in the Echologion (Missil), the priest did the sercice of the Paraclesis to the Virgin Mary, with some of the people who were still the court of the St Nicholas Church, in Bunia. During this supplication to the Saint Virgin Mary, we have lit a fire in the court next to our holy temple, and the priest told the repentant to throw into the fire all his magical objects, whilst renouncing Satan.

The next day, the repentant received the Holy Orthodox Baptism and chose the name Theophane himself.

Afterwards, after receiving Communion of the Holy Sacrament, only two days after, God had blessed him and he had found good work in one of the NGO(non-governmental organisations), where he continues to work praising God.

The same events was reproduced with another youth, who also renounced all satanic works, by burning his magical objects in a fire, in front of a group of faithful Orthodox assembled in from of a priest, and for thereof following Christ.

That Christ illumines with the light of His knowledge the whole world!



  1. Anastaziia says:

    The translation of this text is completely off from the original. especially as the translation says that the magician was asked to throw himself into the fire… When he was asked to throw his magical objects. I don’t mind translating the original French if you tell me where I should email this to.

  2. Fr. John says:

    frjohn at

    And thanks!

  3. Anastaziia says:

    Please remove this or have it translate it properly before posting it online – for the love of God. We do not ask as a Church for anyone to throw themselves into a fire literally to be baptised as it is presumed in the text above. Having looked at the original source in French, they are many other inaccuracies as well. I understand that Google was used to translate this- and whilst it has many times helped me out myself- I also know first hand that it sometimes completely can change the meaning of the text.

  4. Done, and thanks to our translator! You know who you are. May God richly bless you.

  5. David Matthias Moore says:

    The “good news” here is that God worked in their lives. A transformation took place… as in my journey. I know, more than I would like to admit, improper teaching. Coming to the true faith is what sustains me….

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