Called To Serve: Chinese Edition Now Available!

CTS Chinese cov imageIt’s finally here!

Called To Serve: A Basic Bible Survey For Orthodox Christians is finally available in Chinese, translated by Bede Siaw Hong Phan, in paperback workbook or as an Ebook (PDF) delivered right to your inbox. This is the only Bible survey workbook of the Holy Scriptures containing all of the books of the Orthodox Christian Bible and it is now available in the Chinese language.

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For Chinese language speakers who are interested in the Biblical view and content of the Holy Scriptures, no longer will the Bible be an intimidating mass of stories and text gathering dust and guilt from disuse. In a fun and exciting journey, this workbook will take you through the entire Bible, and fill in the gaps and answer the questions that you may not even know you have.

In 20 short lessons, you’ll have set a firm foundation for your life in the Holy Scriptures.

I am indebted to Dr. Bede Phan Siaw Hong for his labors in translating this workbook. His long hours of labor and stalwart devotion to Christ in spreading the Gospel have been inspirational. Dr. Phan was born in 1938, living the second half of his life in Singapore. He graduated in 1962 from National Taiwan University, Dept of Business Administration, majoring in International Trade & Laws. In 1996, he was conferred with a Research Doctorate in Mineral Sciences, World University Round. Many years, Dr. Phan!

A short preview of Called To Serve in Chinese is can be seen by clicking HERE.

If you don’t know much about this handy little workbook, the following are reviews for  Called To Serve, the ONLY Bible survey course containing all the books of the Orthodox Bible.

This excellent little book, Called To Serve, by Fr. John Peck, is just the kind of tool I wish I had in hand when I began to study Holy Scripture in my youth. I would like to see it widely available to the young people and other beginners in all of our Orthodox parishes. It is a gem.

The V. Rev. Patrick Henry Reardon, Senior Editor, Touchstone Magazine, Chicago, IL

Finally, a comprehensive and practical introduction to Holy Scripture for Orthodox Christians! Called To Serve equips its users not only to grasp the content of the Bible in a memorable way, but it supplies the tools to apply that content in the context of everyday life. The Scriptures are treated not as academic text(s), but as the living Word of God bringing meaning and purpose from God to all who have, do, and will embrace It. Particularly helpful are the many mnemonic devices and summary outlines which make learning the Bible surprisingly easy and accessible.

The Rev. Jonathan Cholcher, St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church, Warren, OH

How does someone who is unfamiliar with the Bible even begin to “study the Bible”? Called To Serve fills a huge gap in Orthodox study materials for both Christians who were raised on Bible study and others who have only heard the Scriptures read in services or quoted in books or homilies. For the person who is interested in beginning to study the Scriptures or is interested in leading a study group but has no clue how or where to begin, this is the book. Fr. John Peck has packed a wealth of information about the entire Bible in a short, very readable and interesting book. I will not hesitate to recommend it to our radio program listeners who are seeking an introductory “Bible Survey” from an Orthodox perspective.

Steve Robinson, Host of “Our Life in Christ” Orthodox Radio Program

As an Orthodox, home-schooling mother, I am constantly on the lookout for quality curriculum which may be utilized for the home-school arena. Furthermore, I am adamant about my children having a depth of knowledge of their Faith, one that runs deeper than what they receive from the typical church school. Fr. John Peck has provided a curriculum that meets all those needs. Having completed Called To Serve, my children have a greater understanding of the Holy Scriptures. I look forward to using the other workbooks written by this author. I used this workbook for both my 6th, 7th and 9th graders; and I now plan to implement it into the teen program at our church. I hope the author continues to develop different workbooks.

Hannah Hunt, Home-schooling Mom

The book by Fr. John Peck, Called To Serve, is a welcome explanation of the Orthodox Christian reading of the Holy Bible. It clarifies, expands and explains the basic books of Old Testament and New Testament, pointing out in a contemporary style to all readers, especially the young and the unfamiliar with daily scripture reading, ways to get into the texts and discover anew a fresh approach to the ancient, precious and holy Word of God.

The V. Rev. Vladimir Berzonsky

Called To Serve is a Bible survey in 20 short lessons. The course is thorough, and will guide students well in looking at Scripture from an Orthodox perspective. They offer map work, word devices to memorize data, discussion guides, diagrams and illustrations. Fr. John has the gift of saying memorable and useful things in a succinct way. The lessons are varied-always a plus in a textbook. Called To Serve is a useful and attractive survey course.

Valerie G. Zahirsky, O.C.A. Department of Christian Education