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Yet Another Lutheran Pastor Journeys Into The Orthodox Church

by Joshua Genig   I recall being deeply moved by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus’ recounting of his journey from Lutheranism into the Roman Catholic Church (“How I Became the Catholic I Was”). It is a move that not a few have made, with denominational provenance … [More...]

mahmud busatlija

Muslim Economist of Noble Lineage Baptized Orthodox Christian in Montenegro

Dr. Mahmud Busatlija, a prominent economist in the capital of Serbia and of noble lineage, who was a Muslim, was baptized Orthodox Christian, according to Serbian sources, 500 years after his ancestors converted to Islam. "I returned to the roots of my ancestors, 500 … [More...]

Lutheran Rose color

Why Are Lutherans Converting to Eastern Orthodoxy?

by Gabe Martini In a recent podcast titled “Introducing Eastern Orthodoxy” at the Just & Sinner blog, Lutheran author Jordan Cooper laid some groundwork to help not only explain why many conservative Lutherans are ‘heading East,’ but also provide an introduction to … [More...]

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A Calvinist Anglican Converts To Orthodoxy

Mark Bradshaw, with Conversations On Orthodoxy, recently interviewed me regarding my conversion to … [Read More...]

Fr John Maitland More

Renown Scottish Orthodox Priest Dies Just Weeks After Completing His Life’s Work

Another story of Orthodoxy in Scotland. More on Fr. John will be forthcoming next week. One of … [Read More...]

long journey

Into Orthodoxy: The Long Journey Home

by Fr. Lawrence Farley In my journey home to Orthodoxy, I took the long way around.  I was born … [Read More...]

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Lutheran Rose color

Why Are Lutherans Converting to Eastern Orthodoxy?

by Gabe Martini In a recent podcast titled “Introducing Eastern Orthodoxy” at the Just … [Read More...]


Apostles of the 21st Century

A unique exhibition on the spread of Orthodoxy throughout the world is underway in … [Read More...]

Pakistan consec

First Orthodox Church in Pakistan Consecrated

On February 6. 2014 the first consecration of an Orthodox Church occured in Lahore, … [Read More...]

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st tikhon seminary

Philippine Denominations join the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aust. & NZ

This letter was posted on the website of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand To all of our reverend clergy and beloved faithful, Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to inform you that after long discussions with two denominations from the Philippines, one […]


Mysterious Mass Conversion From Islam to Christianity in Georgia

by Ian Hamel In 1991, 75% of Adjarians in Georgia were Muslims. Today, they have become 75% Orthodox Christians. How can these conversions be explained, which is apparently unique in the world? “What time do services begin at Saint Nicholas in Batumi on Sunday morning?” The question embarrasses the employee of the President Plaza, one […]

baptized prisoners

Five Foreign Prisoners in Greece Baptized Orthodox

By Alexander Kalliopoulos After about a year of catechism, five foreign prisoners were baptized Orthodox Christian in the Chapel of Saint Eleutherios in the penitentiary in the industrial area of Patras. Three were Nigerians, one was a Somali, and the other was Albanian. The catechism of the newly-illumined was done by the leading priest of […]

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