Deep Roots Reaching Further

Friends of Journey to Orthodoxy, You must be busy. These past few weeks, I have been inundated with contacts from souls around the globe seeking information, contacts, materials, and answers to questions about the Orthodox faith. From America, … [Read More...]

A Request for Daily Prayer

Dear Friends of Journey to Orthodoxy, The holiday season begins in the world today, and having given thanks to God for all His mercy and love, I have an important request for all of our … [Read More...]

On Giving Thanks as a Nation

Life-giving and most merciful trinity, receive our thanksgiving for all your kindness; make us worthy of your blessings, so that, when we have brought a profit from the talents you have intrusted to … [Read More...]

Medical Clinic and Worship in Russia’s Choo Choo Church

An Orthodox priest rings a set of bells after baptizing a baby on board a train carriage that operates as a mobile church, bringing a medical clinic and Orthodox chapel to remote parts of … [Read More...]

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