Deep Roots Grow Great Fruits

It's true. When it gets darker and darker out, and things grow cold, only deep roots are unaffected by the frost. And I'm not talking about plants. The mystery of iniquity advances in our society, and love grows cold. But still, in the midst of it … [Read More...]

Rejecting Rapturemania – Get Yours Today

Friends, Many of you have supported Journey to Orthodoxy over these past 5 years, and labored ceaselessly to help others find and make their way to the faith of the Apostles. As you know, many … [Read More...]

Orthodox Divers Building Underwater Church

It's not enough that we have real Orthodox churches at the North and South poles on mountain tops, in deep areas, deserts and more. Now the Orthodox Church will sanctify the bottom of the sea, with … [Read More...]

Mass Baptism in Kiamba Philippines

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, nearly two hundred formerly Catholic Filipinos were received into the Orthodox Church through the sacrament of holy baptism, as reported on the Philippine Orthodox … [Read More...]

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