Vatican Ex-Advisor Converts to Orthodoxy and Becomes a Monk in Moscow Monastery

Former Jesuit professor and Vatican advisor converts to Orthodoxy.Rector of the High Monastery of St. Peter in Moscow Hegumen Peter (Yeremeyev) headed the ceremony of taking monastic vows of priest … [Read More...]

My Conversion to Holy Orthodoxy

by Jonathan HillI often read about convert stories to Orthodoxy typically finding a similarity in most of the stories. This similarity in others stories is totally antithetical to my own conversion … [Read More...]

Odessa Priest Becomes Ukraine Powerlifting Champion

We congratulate Fr. Viktor on his many herculean powerlifting accomplishments, and republish here to remind us all - Orthodoxy is not for sissies.The rector of the Dormition Church in the village of … [Read More...]

Faith on the Rise in Nepal

If I asked you to name the places where Christianity is growing the fastest, you, being a well-informed BreakPoint listener, would probably respond “Africa” and/or “China.”And you’d be correct. The … [Read More...]

From Episcopalian Priest to Orthodox Priest

From 2012 - how did I miss this?by Greg GarrisonSince the Rev. Ernesto Obregon switched denominations, he now can pinpoint the key differences in reli­gious practices between Episco­palians and Greek … [Read More...]

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