Never Say “Never” To Jesus: Part Two

Part two  of why, no matter how varied, demonic, or resistant your background, you should never say 'NEVER' to HannahWell, after a couple of years of God sending people, I finally surrendered … [Read More...]

Never Say “Never” To Jesus: Part One

Another installment of our series on women who become Orthodox without their husbands, this is a powerful story of why one should never say 'never' to Jesus, and that no matter how sinful, demonic, or … [Read More...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part Three

The final installment of Julianna's JuliannaBy early 2012, I finally came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter what I agreed or disagreed with in Orthodoxy. Who was I, 2000 years removed … [Read More...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part Two

Part two of Julianna's Journey, and another addition to our series on women who convert to Orthodoxy without their JuliannaIn the fall of 2010 I was hanging out with my sister-in-law and … [Read More...]

Julianna’s Journey: Part One

More entries on our series for women who convert to Orthodoxy without their husbands. by JuliannaI grew up in a family that didn’t really practice any religion. My father had grown up in the Roman … [Read More...]

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