Deep Roots Grow Great Fruits

It's true. When it gets darker and darker out, and things grow cold, only deep roots are unaffected by the frost. And I'm not talking about plants. The mystery of iniquity advances in our society, and love grows cold. But still, in the midst of it … [Read More...]


12 Things I LOVE About Orthodoxy

by Thom Crowe Full Disclosure I’ve wanted to write a listicle about the Orthodox Church, my home within Christianity, for quite some time. But, as often happens, I got distracted and never finished … [Read More...]

South Africa Group Baptism

Orthodox Group Baptism in South Africa

By Deacon Stephen Hayes Eight people were baptised at St Thomas’s Church by Father Pantelejmon (Jovanovic) with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim, Archbishop of Johannesburg and … [Read More...]

2 magicians

Two Magicians Baptized Orthodox Christians in Eastern Congo

Thanks to Robert Arakaki for bringing this to our attention, and to Google translate for making it somewhat understandable. He is now called Theophane. After having assisted with the Orthodox … [Read More...]

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