End of the Year Appeal

Dear Friends of Journey To Orthodoxy, This past year has seen some real wonders. A massive increase in our traffic and requests for help and materials has pushed our capactity - We have helped over … [Read More...]

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Group of Catholics in Argentina Convert to Orthodoxy

This just in! A group of Catholics in Argentine decide to convert in Orthodoxy after Patriarch Kirill’s sermon. A collective of the Caritas charitable organization in Argentinian Curuzu decided to … [Read More...]

A Journey from Western Christianity via Hinduism to Orthodoxy

What a path, through Hinduism to Orthodoxy and the True Faith! Fr. Nikon of New Skete [Mount Athos] remembers an Englishman who was troubled by his Church and went to India, Calcutta, in search of … [Read More...]

Forty Excuses for Not Joining the Orthodox Church

Please don't skip down to the list immediately. This entire post outlining 'why I can't become Orthodox' is worthy of your time. Why do so few people of contemporary Western culture join the Orthodox … [Read More...]

My Conversion To Orthodoxy

Fr. Jonathan Hemmings talks about his conversion to Orthodoxy, his meeting Metropolitan Anthony of Sourouzh, and his last book.   Source My Conversion To Orthodoxy by Fr. Jonathan … [Read More...]

“My Joy is that I Have Found the Truth”

Dear friends of Journey To Orthodoxy, As you know, we receive calls and emails from individuals, pastors and parishes all over the world, reaching out and wanting to join the Orthodox Church. Some … [Read More...]

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