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Why More African Americans Are Drawn to the Orthodox Church

The African-American community is being drawn to Orthodox Christianity, inspired by its roots in Africa, claims to authenticity, and reverence to black saints.
Karl Berry is one of a few black … [Read More…]

The Ancient Apostolic Church

The transformational power of the Ancient Apostolic Church unchanged
by Abbot Tryphon
In an age when many Christian denominations are trying to appear relevant and modern, I am finding that large … [Read More…]

“I Was Afraid to Tell My Jewish Father that We Were Baptized”

Interview with Margarita Kaplun, a Jew who converted to Orthodoxy
by Fr. George Maximov
The journey of Margarita Kaplun, a woman of Jewish descent and a daughter of an Assistant Rabbi. After … [Read More…]

Orthodoxy in Fiji: Missionary Journey

by Bishop Amphilochios of New Zealand
The course of events, according to the popular saying, in fact, divine providence, led our paces to beautiful Savu-Savu in Vanua Levu, the second largest island … [Read More…]

On Becoming Eastern Orthodox

by Hal Freeman
In my last entry I engaged in some preliminary considerations of politics. I decided to take on the area of religion as well. For some of you a discussion of religion is at best … [Read More…]

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