A Catechmen’s Journey From Hinduism

In a nutshell: I was born and raised Hindu, then was Baha’i for 5 years (2002-2007) before becoming Christian and finding the Orthodox church. How exactly did this happen? Well, as a Hindu, what I learned about other religions were that there are many paths up the same spiritual mountain to reach God. Maybe even the belief that the differences argued about between different religions are like the blind men in a room with an elephant, each feeling a different part and jumping to a different conclusion about what it is - each accurately describing in his own way what one aspect of the elephant was like, but unable to see the … [Read more...]

Study Finds More Converts Than Expected

by Nicole Neroulias A new study of Orthodox Christians in America has found a larger-than-expected number of converts, mostly from Roman Catholic and evangelical Protestant backgrounds. The report, released by the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute in Berkeley, Calif., surveyed 1,000 members of Greek Orthodox or Orthodox Church in America congregations, which represent about 60 percent of America's estimated 1.2 million Orthodox Christians. Although Orthodox churches were historically immigrant communities, the study found that nine out of 10 parishioners are now American-born. Thousands of members had converted to the faith … [Read more...]

Combining the Uncombinable

Being Orthodox Christian in a Muslim Lebanon by Nadezda Livanova Nadezda was born in Moscow in 1976. Her first education is a  primary school teacher, and she graduated from the Moscow University of Psychology and Education. Currently she works as a pre-school psychologist. She is married, has a son and a daughter, takes interest in family psychology, tourism, and likes Arabic culture. I was born in Moscow where my mother always lived, and my father had a Lebanese origin. When I was about three years old my brother and I were sent to Lebanon because our parents were students, and taking care of us — who tended to be … [Read more...]

From Baptist To Boznia To Byzantium

An Interview with Fr. James Early Originally posted on the Byzantine Texas blogsite, this interview is an excellent introduction to Fr. James' story and conversion, which we will be publishing shortly in serial format here at JTO!   What prompted you to write the book? First, several people who had heard me tell my conversion story suggested that I write a book about it, since my story is so unusual. I resisted for quite some time, but finally decided to give in! Second, I had always been frustrated by (usually due to lack of time) not being able to completely explain the various reasons why my wife and I chose to … [Read more...]